Many have asked me so many times how I stay productive, keep my work efficient and get things done. So below are some of the things that I use that aren't expensive and may very well be within your budget for your business as well as organising your life. 

Acuity Scheduling 

Can't live without this! This is what I use to schedule all my coaching calls, interviews and meeting appointments. It has all the functionalities from being able to choose the timezones (It helps me a great deal because I work with people from all over the world) to linking with your CRM such as MailChimp. You can also create different types of appointments. You can even charge your clients directly from here after scheduling an appointment. It links to your gmail calendar as well so all appointments made through this will be on your calendar. 


Seriously, who doesn't like LeadPages? This is great for your sales page, webinar replays, freebie opt-ins, upsells and oh so many other things. I highly recommend this if you're looking for a landing page!


I use this for all my webinars. It's very simple, straightforward and takes 1 minute to set it up when you sign up. It records your webinars, have existing landing pages you can use to market your webinar and many other functionalities that are just very easy to use. Affordable too!


What would I do without Evernote? It's where I organise all (like ALL) my documents.