EP004 - Open Relationships & Self-Awareness With Whitney Miller


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Show summary

As someone who’s always pushing myself to the edge so I can understand life outside of my existing limited understanding, this episode is one of those conversations that really made me think. 

I found Whitney through Aubrey Marcus as Aubrey and I have a common love for Spirit Quest, a shamanic sanctuary deep in the amazon jungle. Whitney and Aubrey have been together for 7 years and for the past 5 years, they’ve been in a publicised open relationship. 

I’ve heard of open relationships but I never really understood how it functions and why people do it. And to be honest, it really triggers me like it triggers many other people.

For the record, I’m not a proponent of an open relationship nor against it. However, because it triggers me - which means there are fears, doubts, insecurities and beliefs in my blindside that I haven’t yet explored - I decided to bring Whitney on here to talk more about it. 

As we chatted more, I started to realise that it’s actually NOT about the open relationship. It’s really is only about what it brings up within us and bringing everything back to the Self so we can start to understand things on a deeper layer. 

This goes so in alignment with what I’m practising this year - bringing everything back to me as I’m the bridge to everything that shows up in my environment, so I can take radical responsibility and have brutal honesty with where I’m at, what needs to be transformed, where I’m holding myself back, where I’m projecting, etc. 

All I ask of you … is to listen with an open mind and remembering that it’s not about the open relationship. But more about what it brings up in you and how you’re showing up in your relationships. 

Who is Whitney Miller?

Former Miss United States and sports anchor, Whitney Miller has found her true calling helping individuals and couples as a Love, Sex and Relationship Coach. Her experiential journey to self-mastery started 5 years ago when she entered into a well publicized open relationship with her fiance, Aubrey Marcus. Whitney has since joined forces with some of the leading scientists and researchers in the field, and now hosts talks and workshops around the world. She believes that regardless of your relationship construct, monogamous or open, there are always ways to create more love, better sex, and healthier, happier relationships. 



02:21 - How Whitney relates to fear

04:36 - All about being in an open relationship

07:14 - How Whitney started in her open relationship

09:56 - Jealousy in a relationship

12:39 - How to work through jealousy and communication issues

17:34 - Monogamous relationship vs open relationship

21:48 - How open relationship works

23:33 - Whitney's experience with plant medicines

26:00 - Whitney's biggest transformation with psychedelics

27:57 - Daily practices to stay grounded, clear, and be self aware

28:43 - Steps in exploring an open relationship or stepping into a new paradigm

31:43 - Beliefs create reality

34:18 - How to know you’re meant to stay or go in a relationship

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