EP008 - Your Ability To Feel Determines Your Capacity To Receive With Svenja Dahm


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Show Summary

“I’m not interested in your achievements. I’m interested in what you’re feeling”, that’s what Svenja said in this interview.

Svenja and I share so many similarities; how we used to be so structured and serious that we forget to connect to our heart and feel. Truth is, feelings are the basis of manifestation process and how we open ourselves up to receive.

Svenja is an incredible mum of a 10 year old, a Yoga Teacher and an entrepreneur who has created results in their life and business in a short space of time. She’s been part of our online business for 14 months, within that time… not only did she grow her team and increased her income, she had also faced a lot of the fears that crippled her for so many years.

We covered so much about mindfulness practices, facing fears, digging deep into the limiting patterns and practical tips on how you can shift the fears and doubts if you’re on the path of elevating your life + biz.

Tune in now and I promise, you’ll love this interview.


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