EP011 - Being In Alignment With Sinead Clauss

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Show Summary

We’ve all made fear-based decisions in our life. Got into a relationship because of the fear of being alone. Got a job because of the fear of not feeling worthy. Or got into a business because of the fear of missing out. 

Truth is… while fear-based decisions may serve you to give you what you wanted at the time - someone to take care of us, finances or the feeling of importance, at one point… we wake up and realised that it’s not in alignment with our truth (highest self). 

That’s what Sinead and I talked about in this interview. 

Sinead is a millennium mum, a mumprenuer and a heart-centred entrepreneur who has inspired me so much during this conversation. She started an online business (link) while she was 12 weeks pregnant and within 5 months, she and her team have generated $20,000. While we talked about business at the later part of our convo, this isn’t about the business or the income that was generated. 

As I’ve said so many times… to me, business is about peeling back layers, looking at the limitations that hold us back, releasing them and choosing to become the person we desire to be. 

Today, her son is 8 weeks old and she’s one of the most focussed, disciplined and grounded moms I’ve met. I can’t wait to share with you her story and her wisdom so tune in now to get all the golden nuggets. 


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