EP015 - Attuning To Our Truest Nature with Niamh Cronin

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Show Summary

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction” - Cynthia Occelli

There is a process in which we move through everytime we set an intention and for Niamh, it’s about understanding and remembering our truest nature. According to Niamh’s favorite quote by Cynthia Occelli, the process of transformation may be seen by others as destruction. It is because we must break down the barriers that limit and control us. 

Niamh had the perfect car, house, partner and career. To everyone else, it seemed like she had reached the pinnacle of success. She had what she wanted for her life which is based on the ideal lifestyle or the conditional matrix created by society. She was holding on to what she thought was her dream life, but she realized that her true nature is unconditional. Her true nature is to grow and expand. 

In the next couple of months, she found herself in the unknown feeling lost and disconnected but in some ways also feeling really curious to what she is becoming. Her intention was to step into a bigger level of her work and service. With the desire to start with a blank canvas, she understood that things holding her back will resurface and she would need to unchain herself from unhealthy attachments.

Then, she began her journey of letting go of everything that created her identity - letting go of abundance. She took courage to walk the path of the unknown, shed the skins of society, and challenge and question societal beliefs. She fearlessly trusted her path and her inner voice. 

Niamh believes that the process of attunement is not a “one path fits all”. It’s a matter of internal inquiry - to look at everything that is manifested in our life, every experience, everything we are moving through, at a deeper level. The process of attunement involves the process of unravelling and harmonizing with our original genetic blueprint. 

Currently, Niamh, a speaker, transformational coach, founder of Attuneme, shares her message to empower others in navigating their journey with more truth, autonomy, and self sovereignty. Through Attuneme, Niamh helps others in their transformation by creating deep emotional and cellular change. She believes that we are here for an emotional experience and to feel a vast array of emotions suppressed by societal conditions. As we reintegrate our true human emotions and restore our original genetic human blueprint, we awaken awareness through the physical realm. 


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