EP005 - From Country Girl to Online Entrepreneur With Kylie Stevenson


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Show Summary

What if everything that happens in life has a way of shaping our future? Because it does. All it’s required is for us to choose to see from a perspective that serves us rather than victimises us. 

That’s what Kylie did when she broke her back when she fell off her horse. What seemed to be a bad luck changed the trajectory of the next part of her life. She used that as a drive to turn her life 180 degrees. And within a few months, not only did she replaced her previous income, she also quadrupled it. 

Kylie Stevenson is a country girl with a passion for horses and a life of freedom. With that in mind Kylie stepped into the online space with no experience and learnt as she grow within herself and her business. She faced many challenges but continued to stay true to her vision of freedom and has now created exactly that. Kylie is now working full time online living her life of freedom and continues to help others create that for themselves.

Kylie just radiates positivity and passion, and we talked about how she turned her challenges into stepping stones that get her closer to her dreams. 


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