EP013 - Learning to be Present with Kellie Stewart

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Show Summary

Kellie Stewart is a successful businesswoman. She empowers women and mentors people with her thoughtful and practical insights. Over the years, she has designed the life of her dreams and has turned her business to produce millions. 

Currently, she continues to lead people in change, challenges assumptions, and teaches people to move past their fears. Her innovative practices help people effectively achieve their purposeful mission.

In this podcast, Kellie talks about how she has learned to comprehend the hidden language from her horses which have been a big part of her life. As humans, we rely heavily on spoken word language even if we have access to energetic non verbal communication. Communication has the power to create love or destroy lives. But to communicate without words and through energy, one must first bring a sense of awareness to one’s self, be present, and assess the situation. 

Recently, she faced a big challenge of losing her husband. She had multiple consecutive griefs which she labels as her “spiritual awakening shitstorm”. To bring back a state of balance in her life, she underwent a grief process with Dr. Demartini. She experienced all the components and emotions related to the process. Although moving away from pain and moving towards pleasure is part of our natural behavior as humans, this particular experience taught Kellie not to avoid grief and pain. 

When we are aware of ourselves and our situation, we understand our contribution to the problem, and when we take responsibility, then things can change drastically. Kellie advises people on the importance of being present and being conscious. Intuition becomes the guiding light in one’s actions and it stems out from having awareness with yourself, the people you are surrounded with, and your current state.


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