EP010 - Overcoming Adversities With Jodie Treanor


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Show Summary

“Is this going to be my forever?” This is the question Jodie asked herself.

Jodie is a mum of 3 and works a full time job in New Zealand. Four years ago, Jodie had her youngest son who suffered brain injury at birth. Having to find a cure for their youngest son and finding a way to sustain their household finances at the same time, Jodie was spread too thin over the challenges and responsibilities on her plate. She told herself that her that the tension and pressure can’t carry on.

Looking back, this moment was Jodie’s awakening that planted a seed in her. She knew that this is not the forever she wants for herself or for her family.

A friend she looked up to introduced her to an online business which she knew straightaway would for her. She took a leap of faith in this business knowing that this will bring the change she needs. A year later, this online business served more than just providing her financial needs. It allowed her to know herself more and discover her strengths. She became the change she needed.

Now, she is committed to share her story to help others through their lives. It’s about owning moments, owning your flaws, and owning that you are human but still learning to shift your mind no matter what blocks are along your way. She encourages people to step into the highest version of themselves by sharing her message and by impacting others.


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