EP001 - Welcome + How Our Thoughts Create Our Reality


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Welcome to The Awakened Leaders podcast. I’m your host Arabelle and I’m so glad you’re here!

You know how many times in our lives, we go against our own truth… what our soul or our heart has been telling us the whole time and we do things out of fear, doubts, generational conditioning, cultural beliefs and social programming?

I know I’ve done this so many times before. I’ve made choices because that’s what I was taught growing up or the society told me to. 

Like for example, in our culture, people tend to say if a man isn’t drinking, cheating, gambling, stealing or doing drugs, then he’s a good man. So if you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t do any of that, if I choose to walk away because of other reasons, then I’m a bad person. 

Because of that, I’ve stayed in relationships for the wrong reasons even when my heart was telling me to go. 

And the same goes for many other things in life. 

I’d like to call myself a Truth Seeker but also a Life Catalyst. 

Truth Seeker because I’m constantly pushing myself to the edge to uncover my own blindspots, what are the excuses I’ve been creating in my life, how I’m holding myself back from standing in my light, what my soul is telling me to do and doing my part to pause everyday to centre and listen to the guidance. 

And Life Catalyst because I’m absolutely obsessed with helping people see another side of life. Coz if you think about it, life is all about perspective. We’re all looking at things through our own subjective lenses - beliefs, values and the programs that were installed since growing up. 

And this podcast is exactly that. I bring on guests who are being and living a different way of life embodying traits that allow them to move through life with ease. 

My hope is that the conversations I have with these guests and also my solo episodes challenge your beliefs, question your choices, inspire you to look at things from a different light and hopefully awaken you to your truth. 

As I am also on this journey called life. 

Talking about truth… I want to touch on it a little bit more. This word confuses a lot of people. Because truth is subjective. But I see many people who doesn’t know this yet push their truths on others and demand them to meet those unrealistic expectations. 

Truth is subjective. And truth changes. 

Let me explain. 

You know that when we create new thoughts… thoughts that are different from current thoughts should create new choices. And new choices create new behaviours. New behaviours lead to new emotions. And new emotions create more new thoughts. 

This is evolution. 

But most of us think the same thoughts, make the same choices, have the same behaviours and repeat the same experiences. As a result, we start to get familiar with certain emotions and then we repeat the same thoughts. And that’s stagnation. Not evolution. 

Like Dr. Joe D says… The privilege of being a human is that we can create a thought more real than anything else. We can focus on that possibility on the exclusion of everything else. And we can knock our body out of physiological balance just by that thought alone. And our body, which is an unconscious mind, believes that it is what it’s really experiencing in that point in time. 

And in that moment, we bring past memories to life just by thought alone. And as you know when we live in that state long enough, our bodies start to get under stress and produce stress hormones that over can make us sick. 

That means, our thoughts can make us sick. So if our thoughts can make us sick, then our thoughts can also make us well. 

Our mind and body are always working together. What we don’t know is… we continuously look for problems, stresses and challenges in life so we can feed our emotional addiction to certain feelings and so we can validate who we think we are - I am sad. I am depressed. I am not enough. I am a failure. I am unloveable. As you know, the moment we start saying anything after the word “I AM”, we’re telling ourselves that that’s who we are. 

Overtime, that becomes our personality. We lose sight all the other possibilities gradually. We start living one dimensional. We lose perceptive. 

So here’s a question for you… why do we stay in relationships when we know that they’re not healthy for us? Why do we stay in jobs that are taking a toll on us? Why do we keep ourselves getting into the same problem, just with different people in our life? 

Again, we do these things because we need to reaffirm who we think we are. 

And that’s how I’d like to play a small role in your life. To remind you through these conversations that you are more than who you think you are. To offer you another perspective in life so you can step into your highest potential. And trigger you a little sometimes so you can question “what is this bringing up in me”. 

If you’re new here, please come and connect with me on Instagram and Facebook. You can find me as Arabelle Yee. 

Remember, you can be, do and have anything that your soul desires. You are enough. You are loved. You are seen. And you are deeply appreciated. See you in my next episode.