You changed everything for me

Within the first two months of launching her business, Laurie has signed up 12 clients, spoke at an event and landed several media opportunities. By the third month, she was fully booked and had to create a waiting list for the future clients.

"I knew nothing about marketing. The first thing we talked about was sales funnel and I was like WOW! Within one month, I’ve been able to get my name out there very quickly. I’ve got calls lined up - it’s all very exciting! I’ve also had offers to guest post for others.

Laurie Griggs, Money Mentor, Budgeting Coach and the founder of Budget Beyond


I highly recommend Arabelle

I came and saw Arabelle at a very challenging time in my life both professionally and personally, where I was meeting many cross roads and had reached a point where I was unable to help myself and needed further guidance. I had my initial resistance for asking for help as my pride always got the better of me and I saw it as almost failing. But I had a friend refer Arabelle to me who had been through something similar to me and had experienced significant growth as a result of working with her. 

Arabelle has worked with me to set realistic goals in my life, both personally and professionally. Deal with aspects of my life that kept me in repeating pattern for years. She has helped me face some harsh realities and providedencouragement and guidance, to empower me to deal with the imminent challenges I had to face. She is spiritual yet powerful, and has offered me simple tools that have been a catalyst for real change in my life. 

I highly recommend Arabelle to anyone who needs some clarity, insight, support, and empowerment, in any area of their life. 

Matilda Carroll, Naturopath

Arabelle helped me grow in too many ways to explain

I was too scattered, and "spiritual" to understand how to run a business. Procrastination was a big one as well. I needed structures, a clear action plan and some easy steps to take with a coach that keep me accountable to produce results.

Asking help wasn't natural to me initially, but on my "self development " journey over the years I learnt how and when to ask for help, so here I could see that I needed help.

Arabelle has this natural talent that makes her stand out: she is real, a great listener, make you feel okay wherever you're at, but at the same time she is fully equipped with the best tools and systems for people that want to cause results in their business or their personal life.

And despite that "sweetness" about her she can and will be really assertive and gain your respect by telling you what needs to be done.

Arabelle helped me grow in too many ways to explain, but if I have to choose a few, she helped me realise many blind spots/beliefs systems that were in my way to success, and definitely helped me with structuring and organising my work towards my goal. She is very professional and resourceful, just the kind of sunshine that we all need in our team!☺️

I would recommend her to any of my friends and colleague.

Fabrice M, CEO of Alchemy & Beyond and Co-founder of Cherry & Grapes Cafe

Everything has changed in my life and business.

"I started to regain confidence in myself and my services. It's hard to explain what I'm feeling. I am flying and nothing can stop me. I've started to believe in myself again. I've even developed a new company in the process. I'd recommend anyone who really wants to build a business to work with Arabelle. "

Sophie Solmini, Wellness Coach & CEO of Coach Sophie


“It was mind-blowing to be honest. I came in pretty nervous. I thought there’s not much Arabelle could teach me that would make me feel better for me to get in front of people and talk. But my mind’s been blown out of the water and you’ve given me that process now and the confidence that I need. So thank you so much.”

Ashely Piotto, CEO of Fusion Biz Babes (Currently still in the 9-5 grind)

Now my dream business has come alive. I’m now living a life that is meaningful and fulfilling.

"Even with a well-paid job that allows me to travel around the world, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my life. I knew I have something more to offer to the world. I’ve always wanted to start my own business with what I know but I didn't know where to start. Besides, I was feeling stressful and didn't have a clear understanding about myself.

Arabelle helps me get clear about myself as well as the business that I want to create. She helps me create the roadmap for my business which helps me to be fully prepared and get started. 

Now my dream business has come alive. I’m now living a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. 

Arabelle is a well-experienced Business Coach who helps her clients get result in life and business. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to create their life fulfilling and living in a Zone of Genius to work with her!"

Laura Cho, CEO and Founder of


Laurie Griggs - Money Mentor & Budgeting Coach at Budget Beyond

Michael Allwright - Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Cafe Art Australia

Ashley Piotto - Founder of Fusion Biz Babes

I highly recommend

I had the honour of joining beautiful ladies on a journey of self discovery. An embracing community environment was created and participants had the opportunity to discover barriers within themselves that were holding them back. We received clarity about our values and gave ourselves the permission to feel the emotions that needed to be cleared to uncover our true self.

I highly recommend you joining Arabelle and Aundria on their next workshop to discover the power within you!

Darshee Lingam - Empowerment Coach

Working with Arabelle gave me a structured approach to build more confidence and self awareness

I’ve been looking for a more meaningful life but I felt stuck. I had a lot of self criticism and low self confidence. I didn't have a passion and I felt lost. I didn't really know what I wanted. I tried to please others and ignore my heart. 

Working with Arabelle gave me a structured approach to build more confidence and self awareness. I get to know myself better and I know what I want to do with my life. I feel more confident and I’m now clear of my directions and my dreams. I feel more happy and at ease finding out more about myself. 

Arabelle inspires me and she has the skills I want to have in future.

The Su - IT Project Manager

Solve any puzzle and defeat any trouble in life

Admiring such power let out by beautiful Arabelle Yee, I joined a group of amazing sisters last Saturday in this event. 

We had professional women, woman who already had her own small business, single mums living their sparkling life while taking care of their beloved baby. We were all there to seek for something. We shared our experience and feeling, truly opened our hearts and this is really the meaning of sisterhood and real unconditional love amongst women. We have sympathy for each other even though most of us only met the first time! 

Thanks these two amazing ladies of gathering us all together, and with love, we can solve any puzzles and defeat any troubles in life and regard them as a bliss!

Cece Geng - Currently in working in corporate career

If you’re a business owner who’s wanting to create amazing results, Arabelle is definitely the person to watch, learn from and work with. Arabelle is very resourceful, decisive and she's a creative entrepreneur. She’s always full of ideas and solutions which makes her a really powerful coach for her clients, and is always high energy when it comes to business strategy and marketing. 

There’s one quality that makes Arabelle really stand out and that’s extremely important when you’re looking for a coach. And that is how much she cares about her clients and their success. She goes extra mile for her clients. 

If you’re checking her out to work with her, I would say go for it, take the plunge and you too can create amazing results in your life and business.  

Jia Ni Teo - Life & Business Coach

Personal Leadership & Self Development Event in Singapore, Sept 2016


Get in touch with me here to:

  • Stop feeling stuck and get clarity on your next steps,
  • Get rid of overwhelm and step into your power,
  • Say no to feeling lost and say YES to freedom, financial independence & your deepest desires, 
  • Gain your confidence back and,
  • Claim your step by step guidance to get to where you want to be in the shortest time possible!

Personal Leadership & Self-development Event in Perth Aug 2016


Jaya Jones - Spiritual Coach, Counselling & Kundalini Yoga Teacher | Founder of

Before I started working with Arabelle, I was trying to build a business and wasn’t going anywhere. I was sacred and I didn’t think I was good enough to run my business, even though I knew I could help so many people. It was just so hard to do that. 

Then I met Arabelle. She comes from the heart and I resonate with this very much.

I learnt that I was sabotaging myself and I disconnected from my heart. So my heart and business weren’t in alignment so I couldn’t move forward. Arabelle has shown me how to connect with myself and now I feel strong and empowered. It’s been an interesting journey and I thank Arabelle.

You are such an inspiration and I would recommend any women who would like to build her business to work with Arabelle.  

Jenny Haig - Holistic Practitioner


Kathryn High - Clinical Hypnotherapist and Founder of

I’ve been working with Arabelle for a few months now and I can’t possibly describe how much she helped me to transform my life and get everything started with my business. 

We first started when I had no idea what my first steps looked like. I basically had a to-do list of 10 page and it freaked me out because I didn’t know where to start and what to do next. The more I tried, the less I felt uncomfortable with what I was doing.

And when I started taking action on building my business, all those blockages and fears came up to put myself out there, being seen and asking for sale. And by just being the way she is and having the tools she has, she helped me massively to transform all those fears and to start believe in myself.  I wasn’t just able to overcome my fears, she also helped me create a step by step plan for my business. 

She really knows her stuff and I wouldn’t be here where I am today if not for her. So I’m so grateful for all the help and for everything you did for me and for my business. Thank you thank you thank you!  

Franzi Freitag - International Plant-based Lifestyle Coach

I had a business idea but I didn’t know how to make this business idea a reality. I also had fears; fear of unknown, fear of being judged and fear of failure. And I also lacked the confidence to start this business. When I started working with Arabelle, she helped me to overcome all the fears, gained my confidence back and build my business. 

Today I have a successful business online and i’m touching lives empowering women and youth.

Thank you Arabelle. I'm forever grateful.

Hazel Meares - Life & Business Coach, Motivational Speaker 

Arabelle has helped me both with my business and my personal life. She's not only a friend but also a coach for me. She inspires me to be a better person and to live consciously everyday. 

After working with her, I was able to break through my barriers, let go of my fears and become more authentic. And with my business, she helped me to get started and run my business successfully. 

If you want a shift in your life and want results in your business, you need to work with Arabelle. 

Aundria Khine - Financial Coach & Director of Wisdom & Miracle



Get in touch with me here to:

  • Stop feeling stuck and get clarity on your next steps,
  • Get rid of overwhelm and step into your power,
  • Say no to feeling lost and say YES to freedomfinancial independence & your deepest desires, 
  • Gain your confidence back and,
  • Claim your step by step guidance to get to where you want to be in the shortest time possible!
Arabelle_Kel_03 copy.jpg

My thank you note to you. We all have baggage that we’ve been carrying for so long and trying to be this good person that we try to hide that side of us that we don’t want others to see. We hide it so well that we don’t even know that we have it anymore. But the truth is, it is still part of us and it is within us. It affects us either consciously or subconsciously.

Thank you for taking me on to a journey which allows me to see the truth. I am so grateful to you for supporting me all the way as I was able to face it, accept it and let it go. Feel so much lighter now xx


I was stuck. I felt I had done the training and put the social media structures in place but I had zero response so I was stumped as to what to do next. I’ve learnt several marketing tactics/skills that I need to work on to take my business to the next level. I feel I have the business idea but I can’t take it any further until I learn how to advertise and market myself more. I also need to be more clear on who I’m targeting and why. - Janet Florey, Reiki Practitioner


I was on the starting phase of a new business. Have had a few clients but was looking at getting some advice on how to build my business. I learned how to select a target audience, and set up a pricing structure. I will finish my website, promote on Facebook and Facebook ads. - Eesha Patel, Sound Healing and Reiki Practitioner

Rebekah M.jpg

I was figuring out exactly what to do, where to go in relation to Facebook and webpages. Also still trying to find my direction. I’m very grateful for that as I was able to truly capture all the different information that was provided and taken that was most needed. Thank you. I will also allow everything to integrate into my life and the direction my life is headed. - Rebekah Morgan, Reiki Practitioner


I didn’t know how to increase my sales and use Facebook to promote my business. I wasn’t confident enough with my business product. I gained lots of valuable knowledge about business, managing money and how detailed i have to be. Also more awareness on caring for the environment. Thank you! I really enjoyed the lovely people and useful session. - Azizah Masir, Business Owner

Arabelle opened clarity to what I could see no further on. A treasure to work with and continue to grow with. So full of passion insight knowledge and love.

I was lost and in need of guidance. My company wasn’t moving at all. I was rationalizing by thinking “I do my best” “It is not my fault” “I do not have money” I’ve been challenged, I’ve been requested to work on my company and I’ve been pushed out of my own limitations.

Everything has changed in my life and business. I started to regain confidence in me and my services. I realized that if I didn’t have money to pay for help, how could I ask my clients to pay for the same thing. I redesign completely my website, I develop a clear program and I took actions.

It is hard to explain what I felt - I was flying, I am flying, nothing could stop me. I started to believe in myself again. I even developed a new company in the process.

I would recommend everyone that really wants to be on business to work with Arabelle. She makes herself available for me, she helped me identify my dream clients and the work I wanted to do, defining my services. - Sophie Solmini, Wellness Coach


I’ve been working in the corporate world for over 10 years and had always wanted to start my own business. My biggest struggle was “How”. Arabelle’s helped me shape my vision and put me on the right track to start my own journey. I’m now working towards launching my new business, so thanks Arabelle for all your help, support and care. - Phyu Khine, Financial Coach


I have to say thank you again. Just gone through some of your modules, and I’m already getting a new perspective on my business. Feeling very lifted now, and looking forward to do the rest of your course. You have an excellent way of speaking, encouraging and giving instructions. You provide really applicable values. - Iren Hope Ronhovde”


Arabelle gave me the confidence to build my business and just one session with her I’m brimming with confidence. Arabelle is very professional yet approachable and has a unique coaching style. She makes herself available to all the questions I have and she’s made building a business easier. She herself has successfully built her own company from the ground up and she definitely is an asset for new new business startup! - Kathryn High, Founder of Clarity Hypnosis

Paula L.jpg

You gave me insight into defining out what direction and ultimate goal for our business. I learmed that defining my ideal client will help for the long term vision, that being clear in our products and services will be able to sustain long term productivity, and that my active commitment will be able to make a noticeable difference in our business in 90 days. I have a plan that I am already implementing for building a client base and more defined services. - Paula Lister - Owner and Consultant at Becoming More Wellness Spa


Excellent coaching with Arabelle! It was so helpful being able to talk through my biggest struggles - MONEY! I’m sure lots of you can relate! She gave me practical ways to make a change and she was kind and caring in her approach! Thank you Arabelle! - Michelle Elman, Body Confidence Coach

Arabelle is dedicated to changing people’s lives for the better and has the passion and knowledge to do this in the most transformational ways. - Noel Blanchard


Thank you Arabelle for the amazing coaching session! I loved that instead of telling me ‘what I wanted to hear’ you told me what I NEEDED to hear. Your suggestions were very smart and in a very kind way, you helped me realize that my original action plan wasn’t necessarily aligned to my ultimate vision. You gave me great insight and provided the guidance to take the necessary steps. For those of you who are debating booking a session with Arabelle I highly recommend it! - Marketing Consultant, Vanesa CF

I have been battling with self-confidence issues for as long as I remember, which lead to low self-esteem and a constant struggle to keep going in life. Arabelle is so calm and easy to talk to really helped me relax, open up and discuss my issues. I feel much more in control of my emotions and feel positive and happy after a long time. It feels as if I have learned to breathe. I will surely be seeing more of her. - Dan S.

Thank you so much for helping me and my family. You changed my life! - Lisa B.