Power Hour 

This is for you where we're going to work on one area where you're desperately needing help with.

  • You're feeling overwhelmed, stressed and lack of clarity. 
  • You're wanting a sense of direction, identify your purpose and know exactly what your next steps are. 
  • You're lacking the support and someone to speak to in confidence. Someone who doesn't judge and someone who doesn't tell you what to do but someone who can help you find the answers you already have within yourself. 
  • You've got an idea of what you want to do next in your life / business. You need someone to verify and bounce ideas off with. 
  • You've been doing amazing self-development and healing work. You're up in the air in the la-la land. You don't know how to bring yourself back down. You want to integrate. 
  • You're going through a big transition in your life and you need practical steps to take. 

... or even if you're working on a top secret science project and someone to look through your microscope to see if the alien you're baby-sitting is surviving. 

I've got your back. We'll work through that one thing during this session and you'll walk away with clarity and a solid plan. 

We do this over phone or skype audio. All you need to do is book a session below and you'll receive an email with my calendar where you can choose a time that works for you. 


Are you ready to jump into your genius? Select the session below. 

** If you know that you'll need more than 1 x Power Hour, you can choose the Triple Power Hour.