Have you been feeling called to not pretend that you’re ok with the life you’re living… when deep inside you’re not? 

May be you’ve tried EVERYTHING. Yoga, books, videos, motivational speeches… nothing has really shifted you on a level that you’re feeling you’re ready to SHIFT. 

I’m going to show you how you can CLAIM YOUR POWER BACK and master in EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE so you can find that fire in your belly and manifest all that you desire in 2018!

Join me in this full day workshop where we'll shift old paradigms, remove unconscious stuck patterns, transcend scarcity mindset, transform yourself INSIDE OUT - so you can manifest what you truly desire and build emotional resilience. 


To explore the depths of your psyche, expand the spiritual connection, get clarity and embody your spiritual experiences on a cellular level - so you become the change you want to see in the world - by awakening the greatness that’s already within you. 

This is a full day workshop designed to get you unstuck, gain clarity, reconnect with your soul’s purpose and embody the shifts on all levels -- so you become whole and tap into your infinite wisdom. 

Awakening the Greatness is a deep transformational work where we heal

  • The old wounds that dictates our choices today,
  • The patterns that disempower us, 
  • The noise within our head that tells us that we're not good enough and 
  • The unconscious fears that get our the way of us getting into alignment with our truth. 

This workshop is designed to be the catalyst for your journey of awakening, healing and transformation so you can become whole, live in alignment with your truth and manifest all that you desire. It is about igniting the light within you that's ready to be lit up so you can grow, evolve and make an impact in your environment.  


  1. Your soul’s purpose - Creating a deep connection with self, reconnecting with the reason why you’re here and manifest your true desires. 
  2. Tapping into intuition - Activating your innate abilities to listen to your heart and soul so you are guided by your wisdom and not by fears. 
  3. Connecting to life force - Awakening your life force, your breath, through one of the oldest form of ancient practices so you can heal, ground and get clarity. 
  4. Mastering the archetypes - Tapping into your inherent leadership abilities so you are mastering your mind and not the mind mastering you. This in turn allows you to speak your truth, show up authentically and connect with those around you from the heart. 
  5. Integration - Immersing into your profound shifts and embodying them on a cellular level so not only do you create deep subconscious healing, you also accelerate your growth, raise your energetic vibration, increase your level of manifestation and become the change you want to see in the world.


At the end of the full day, there'll be an opportunity to be part of a sacred ceremony that has been done thousands of years in the jungles of Amazon by the indigenous tribes. The purpose of this ceremony is to help you release the final residue of what's not serving you, to help you ground and get clarity. 

This is an extremely powerful ceremony and it's not for everyone. We'll be sharing more information about this only on the day. 




Liam Le Kelle

Liam Le Kelle is a Medicine Man, Spiritual Coach, Master Sound Healer and Shamanic Healer and Trainer with 20 years of experience; trained in not only modern transpersonal psychology but also in indigenous traditions, Eastern and Western healing modalities. Liam has worked in large groups with more than 200,000 people all over Europe, England, Australia, North and South America.




  • Gaining crystal clear clarity 
  • Feeling assured of your next steps 
  • Embodying wholeness and 
  • Feeling inspired from within. 


  • Your beautiful self, your heart, a bit of faith and a dash of courage
  • A notepad or a journal
  • Water and warm jacket

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Melb // SOLD OUT

Oct 2017


Perth // SOLD OUT

Nov 2017


 ** Perth ** 

14 Apr 18 



May 2018



This workshop was conceived while I was in the amazon jungle working with ancient healing medicines. I was shown the blueprint of how this will take place in my visions. You see, coming from a strong corporate and science-based background, I was completely resistant to anything that's non-science. However, if you look at how things are going in the world collectively, the way things have been running is not really working. Some things need to shift. 

We're at a time where it's critical to bridge science and spirituality; combine the ancient traditions with modern way of living. So many pioneers and scientists are also bridging this gap.

And this was the message that I was given and told exactly how to do that as part of the collective. 

This is what we'll be doing in this workshop. Working with ancient and modern tools -- both science-based systems as well as indigenous wisdom -- to help you shift and uplevel in your life, even if you're already having a great one! 


Arabelle is a Modern day Healer, Holistic Psychotherapist, Transpersonal Coach, International Speaker and proficiently trained in various healing modalities from various parts of the world. Arabelle has worked with more than 5000 people all over Australia and Asia in the realms of transformation, self-discovery and personal development.

She's a fellow explorer of consciousness and student of life. She’s passionate about supporting people to receive breakthroughs and find their own medicine within. Born Buddhist, taught in ancient indigenous wisdom, trained in modern healing modalities - combined with her journeys through the consciousness, she brings integrity, authenticity, patience and strength - so she can hold space for others for their profound experiences to unfold safely.

Through her profession and personal dedication, Arabelle has developed a natural talent for sensing what lays underneath the words, actions and energies so she can guide people to receive the answers they seek. 

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** Important info **

Please arrive on time for registration and to start on the dot. Please show respect to other attendees. The nature of the work requires a very safe and respectful container for everyone to go deep as well as to have fun! Please bring your courage, vulnerability, enthusiasm, willingness and openness.

We ask that you finish your meal before you come to the workshop. Tickets are non-refundable, however, can be transferable to another attendee. Please notify to support@arabelleyee.com if you have transferred your ticket. 

This is for age 18 and above only. Please contact support@arabelleyee.com if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you there!