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Have you ever set goals & new year’s resolutions and find yourself not following through months later?

And you come up with excuses to make yourself feel better?

Or are you someone who achieves every single goal but other things in your life are falling apart?

Like you’re crushing it in your biz BUT your health / relationships / self-care is almost non-existent?

Whichever category you fall into, I know one thing for sure. We’ll have to do it ourselves.

I’m an expert when it comes to helping people achieve / manifest their goals + heart’s desires.


That’s evidenced by so many of my clients;

  • Getting executive level promotions

  • Meeting the ‘one’

  • Manifesting $$$ out of nowhere

  • Getting recognised as the go-to coach / surgeon / expert in their field

  • Re-igniting the love in almost broken marriage

  • Making $1m turnover

  • And many more…

I can’t take credit for any of that though. They do the work. I offer the container and the guidance to make it happen.

And one of my favourite ways to do that is through the Goal Setting trainings that I run at the end of the year… every-single-year for the past 5 years.

So you can manifest + call in + achieve great things in 2019.

Because that’s your birthright.


  • You’ve had enough of being stuck where you are and know that it’s time to forge a path forward

  • Know that you’re ready for more + ready to create a life / biz of your wildest dreams

  • Radically shift your beliefs and release what’s been holding you back for so long

  • Increase confidence so you can take aligned action towards your goals / dreams

  • Become an energetic match to what you want to call in

If that’s you then…


This 5 videos bundle is created with the intention to help you…

  • Stretch you out of your comfort zone

  • Shift on the quantum levels and be the ‘cause’ of your external world

  • Stop playing small and start dreaming big

  • Achieve what you once thought was impossible

  • Get super clear on your next steps

  • Drop the overwhelm and make this process easily doable

  • Manifest huge goals & your heart’s desires in a balanced way

  • Expand on all levels and in every aspects of your life - Money, Growth, Family, Health, Lifestyle, etc.

  • Have a 180 degree turnaround in your life

  • And so much more.

This bundle is created with the energy of Inspired Action + Aligned Plan + Healing + Growth and Expansion.

  • Day 1: How To Bend The Law of Universe // How to become an energetic match of your goals (valued at $297)

  • Day 2: Purpose, Vision & Goals // How to get clear on your purpose and set the solid vision (valued at $297)

  • Day 3: 360 Degree View // How having a singular obsession is a sure-fire way to fail + how to set up your life with a 360 degree view so (valued at $297)

  • Day 4: Diffusing The Big Emotional Charge // Release what’s holding you back and create a space for the great things to come in (valued at $297)

  • Day 5: Tying It All Together // Implementing these principles and making it an extension of your daily life ($297)


*** BONUS ***

The Money, Ascension & Flow Mediation Series

  1. Audio 1: Release and Let Go meditation

  2. Audio 2: Quantum Activation

  3. Audio 3: Abundance Mentality

  4. Audio 4: The Power of Yes

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This 5 days event was delivered online and these videos were recorded as part of the training series.

Each training is anywhere from 25-40 mins long.

They are jam-packed with spiritual principles, practical tips, approach, healing techniques and easily implementable exercises.

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