"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

If you're serious about creating the version of the future that you're ready to step in, but looking for support, guidance, accountability and strategy, this is where the journey starts. 

Here's what the Breakthrough Call will do for you

Get clarity on your purpose and your next steps

Set a clear vision that catapult you forward

Create a solid roadmap to hold you accountable

Here's what others are saying

You changed everything for me
Within the first 1.5 months of launching her business, Laurie has signed up 9 clients who bought high-end programsspoke at an event and landed several media opportunities.
"I knew nothing about marketing. The first thing we talked about was sales funnel and I was like WOW! Within one month, I’ve been able to get my name out there very quickly. I’ve got calls lined up - it’s all very exciting! I’ve also had offers to guest post for others.
Laurie Griggs, Money Mentor, Budgeting Coach and the founder of Budget Beyond.
Now my dream business has come alive. I’m now living a life that is meaningful and fulfilling.
Arabelle helps me get clear about myself as well as the business that I want to create. She helps me create the roadmap for my business which helps me to be fully prepared and get started. 
Now my dream business has come alive. I’m now living a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to create their life fulfilling and living in a Zone of Genius to work with her!"
Laura Cho, CEO and Founder of www.lauracho.com

Arabelle Yee Life & Business, and High-Performance Coaching works with you intuitively, scientifically and strategically to help you break through any barrier in life and reach high performance, so you can live the life of your dreams meaningfully. 

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I highly recommend Arabelle

I came and saw Arabelle at a very challenging time in my life both professionally and personally, where I was meeting many cross roads and had reached a point where I was unable to help myself and needed further guidance. I had my initial resistance for asking for help as my pride always got the better of me and I saw it as almost failing. But I had a friend refer Arabelle to me who had been through something similar to me and had experienced significant growth as a result of working with her. 

Arabelle has worked with me to set realistic goals in my life, both personally and professionally. Deal with aspects of my life that kept me in repeating pattern for years. She has helped me face some harsh realities and providedencouragement and guidance, to empower me to deal with the imminent challenges I had to face. She is spiritual yet powerful, and has offered me simple tools that have been a catalyst for real change in my life. 

I highly recommend Arabelle to anyone who needs some clarity, insight, support, and empowerment, in any area of their life. 

Matilda Carroll, Naturopath

Everything has changed in my life and business.

"I started to regain confidence in myself and my services. It's hard to explain what I'm feeling. I am flying and nothing can stop me. I've started to believe in myself again. I've even developed a new company in the process. I'd recommend anyone who really wants to build a business to work with Arabelle. "

Sophie Solmini, Wellness Coach & CEO of Coach Sophie