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Flourish & Prosper

impacted the lives of 7000 people from 30 countries

About Flourish & Prosper

Sat, 18 May @ 9-5pm // Yangon

It is a 1-day event where 400 change-makers, visionaries, movers and shakers from Generation X and Y gather to connect, grow and learn from some of the country’s leading and exceptional minds. 

This event explores the topics of Prosperity (Wealth), Success Mindset and Relationship. We believe that we all bring a unique talent and assignment on this earth. When these genius codes of each individual are activated, we can then shape a better future collectively together - starting from shaping ourselves first. 

The event will give you the tools, the wisdom and the inspiration to prepare you for the journey ahead.

In fact, this is more than an event. This is a movement to unleash your true potential.


How it started

Officially launched in 2016 May, these events have shape-shifted in many forms to suit the needs of different communities across the globe.

We have so far gathered close to 7000 individuals from more than 30 countries in these events and we are now once again bringing the latest (and the best so far!) event to Myanmar to mobilise the next wave of change-makers. 

The event was initiated when Arabelle felt the burning desire to share what she’s learned professionally, personally and specifically the unconventional trainings she’s received from world-renowned teachers who embody a different way of being and living.

These events are now becoming a global movement through online as well as offline platforms.

(Pictured: Arabelle Yee - Founder of F&P)

Arabelle Yee

What you can expect from this event 


1. Connecting with the high-vibe and heart-centred people 

We have carefully crafted and positioned our events in a way that we’re attracting the individuals whose top 3 highest values in life are - Growth, Wealth and Wellness. They are hungry for the inner expansion and heart-centred connections. This is a container where you can meet your new best friend, new business parter or even your soul mate. 

2. Taking your life, business and wealth to the next level 

Research has shown that we forget 90% of what we read, 80% of what we hear and 70% of what we see. However, we remember 90% of what we DO. That’s why, we have designed this event in a way where you’re not just passively listening in your seats but actively getting involved so you can bring the most out of your innate potentiality. 


3. Opportunity to learn from the best minds up close and personal 

You may see these young Thought Leaders in the country from afar or on TV. But to be in the same room and being in the energy, let alone an opportunity to talk to them, is a whole new different level. 

Supporting The Next Generation 

A percentage of the proceeds will go to the selected orphanages in Myanmar.   


Program for the day

{ This is a guide only. Actual time, speakers and activities may vary }


08:30 am ….. Wellness activity e.g Yoga

09:15 am ….. Tea / Coffee 

09:50 am ….. Surprise performance + Welcome

10:10 am ….. Quantum Leaping + Visioning with Arabelle

10:45 am ….. Panel #1 

11:45 am ….. Speaker #1 or Stage Interview

12:15 pm ….. Lunch Break // VIP Lunch with Speakers for VIP ticket holders only

01:15 pm ….. Breath + Sound DNA Activation 

02:00 pm ….. Arabelle  

02:30 pm ….. Panel #2 

03:30 pm ….. Tea / Coffee 

04:00 pm ….. Arabelle

04:30 pm ….. Speaker #2 or Stage Interview  

05:00 pm ….. Closing