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[Sold out] Find your medicine within: Breathwork and Sound healing

  • Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne Level 1, 110 - 112 Argyle St, Fitzroy, 3065, Victoria Australia (map)

Come and join us on a 3 hours of breathwork and sound healing journey where we work on your mindset, somatic wisdom, spiritual connection and healing.

We will dive into your subconscious mind to release what's been holding you back in your life, what doesn't serve you any longer and find your own medicine within through the breath and the sound. 


Your breath is the connection between your conscious and subconscious mind. It's also the connection between your body, mind and spirit. Breathwork allows you not only to relax and reduce stress levels in your body, it also helps you ground and get clarity in life.

Breathing consciously in this context is shown to work on your nervous system and it works on your involuntary reactions of daily lives such as stress, anger, frustration, overwhelm.


    As we're all beings of vibration, sometimes we can get out of sync with our environment -- when our environment goes out of sync with nature. Whether it's past trauma, physical / emotional abuse or even stress, without us being aware, we hold and store negative energies and emotions within our bodies. We will be using many different instruments from different cultures from around the world to help you re-align your energy field, release blocks, emotions and re-balance. 

    Here are some of the benefits you can expect breathwork and sound healing -

    • Grieving
    • Past trauma
    • Psychosomatic aspects of illness
    • Expand consciousness
    • Connection to oneself 
    • Lower blood pressure 
    • Elevate mood
    • Promotes sleep quality
    • Increase creativity 
    • Healing on body, mind and soul
    • Increase stamina and energy
    • Boost immune system

    Come join us in this experiential session to journey through the breath + sound to awaken higher consciousness, to integrate post awakening, to re-align and to re-balance. 

    Note that this isn't a relaxation meditation although it can be depending on your intention. Your subconscious mind knows where it needs to access during the session and trust that you will be guided


    • Doors will be closed by 2:00pm. So please be there at least 15 mins prior to set up. 
    • Online ticket price: $75
    • Door ticket price: $85

    What to bring

    • A bottle of water and wear comfy clothes. 
    • Please bring a yoga mat or blanket to lie on although there will be limited number of mats available at the venue.
    • You will be lying down but if you need to sit up, please bring cushion(s) to support your back. 
    • Bring extra blanket and warm clothes although there will yoga mats available. 


    • Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne
    • Level 1, 110 - 112 Argyle St, Fitzroy, 3065, Victoria, Australia

    {Numbers are limited}


    Liam Kelly

    Liam Kelly

    As the Master Sound Healer, Voice Coach and Traditional Healing Practitioner, Liam guides people through healing, personal transformation and breakthrough experiences using sound, voice and various healing modalities. 

    An eccentric at heart but passionate at creating harmony in the world, Liam disseminates the disharmony and noises in the city through his unique style of music. Growing up in extreme environments but being highly sensitive and empathic to the environment, Liam was taken on by many ancient healing and sound practitioners, and was taught to bring harmony back into the world through sound. 

    Liam has 25 years of experience in ancient sound healing and, has been trained in both western and eastern ways. He’s a multi-instrumentalist and he has performed internationally in front of more than 200,000 people all over Europe, England, Australia, North and South America. 

    Arabelle Yee

    Arabelle Yee

    As an internationally recognised Speaker, Arabelle bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and Leadership, and teaches about Mindset & Personal Development. And as a Clinical Psychotherapist and High Performance Coach, Arabelle helps people become the best at what they do through the power of mindset. 

    Arabelle is professionally qualified in clinical psychotherapy and proficiently trained in various healing modalities - breathwork, somatic wisdom, hypnotherapy and many others. 

    Since the four major accidents in her life among which she escaped death twice, Arabelle’s journey has emerged from ‘ignorance is bliss’ to ‘experience is power’. She has since spent the last ten years researching, learning, living and teaching as her #1 priority which allows her to now share the embodied knowledge with the world.

    {Numbers are limited}