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[Sold out] Deep Dive Experience

We're doing this Women's Event once again two years in a row! 

If you're ready to get inspired, motivated and learn the latest tools to be the best at what you do, then come and join us here. 

This year's theme is to dive deep into your mind so you can get unstuck and access your genius within you. This is beyond the normal personal development. 

This is EXPERIENTIAL - meaning... less talk and more of 3-dimensional experience. This is the opportunity to experience the new way of personal development combined with mindset, movement, interactive exercises and a safe place to discuss what you can't discuss with others. 

We're going to be talking about relationship, career, finances and growing your business. You're going to experience the mind, body and soul connection that will shape your future.

* We're going to be working with the breath, somatic wisdom and sound healing. 

** Please wear comfortable clothing, preferably pants. 
** Please bring a light blanket or a warm jacket.