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[Sold Out] Prosperity, Relationship & Personal Power (Singapore)

A 1-day experiential and transformational free event designed for women to create wealth that will give you choices in life, attract relationships that everyone wants, cultivate balance in your work and life, remove the pressure of the daily struggle and build unshakable confidence that will set you apart in the competitive environment. 

After working with 400 heart-centred women and a few brave men in our past events, we’ve come to realise that when we’re in a room filled with likeminded sisters (and brothers) who will hold the space for you to get vulnerable, open up and ask for help, you can do the many years worth of deep inner work of self exploration in 1 day!

That will propel you in every aspect of your life so you can fill the gap from where you are now to where you want to be. 

This event is designed to help you create a MASSIVE SHIFT and a LASTING CHANGE in your life by exploring various areas of your life, your mindset, your subconscious patterns. For us, leadership isn’t about securing senior positions in companies. It’s about deeply connecting with your values and who you truly are within so that you can stand in your power and live life on your terms. 


It’s a day of fun, laughter and may be some tears too that you can shed in a safe environment. We can promise you that if you keep your heart open, come with an open mind and with a dash of willingness, this will be a LIFE CHANGING event that you’ll never forget. (Hint: we have testimonials to prove that!)


The event will be a combination of mind expanding exercises, hot seats, heart-opening discussions, self realisation questions and working with real life challenges so that you can have a full immersion of your inner-genius.

At the end of the event, you will walk away with;

  • Practical tools to have work-life balance,
  • Power to manifest wealth and abundance in your life,
  • Solid vision to stop living pay check by pay check,
  • Mastery to attract the relationship of your dreams,
  • Unshakable confidence that will make you stand out in the crowd,
  • Discover your passion and what you’re here to do,
  • Your authentic and powerful voice that will cut through all the noises in your environment,
  • Crystal clear clarity of your next steps and
  • How to live life on your terms.