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Build a heart-centred and passionate business

Calling all female business owners in spiritual, healing, fitness, health & wellness space

Are you in the startup phase of your business or are you struggling to find enough clients to make a living with what you love? 

I know that you’ve been called to do what you’re doing now. I know that it can be a challenge at times to balance between charging money and helping others. It does sound strange to charge a lot of money when you’re on the path of helping others, doesn’t it? 

And when you’re coming from a place of heart, healing or helping others, it can also be very hard to put yourself out there and SELL. Pricing, marketing and advertising is definitely not something you want to spend time on because you’d rather be spending that time working with people you care about. Even worse, you don’t want to spend WEEKS thinking about what to write on your website let alone building it yourself. 

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Earlier Event: November 22
Picnic & Learn