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Collective Transformations

Are you ready to stop feeling stuck, overwhelmed and get a massive breakthrough in your life? 

Join us in this one-day event where you get to take your life and business to the next level by learning about mindset, business, finance, health & wellness! 

Are you a startup coach, consultant, mentor or therapist wanting to learn the strategies of taking your business to the next level?

If yes, you are invited to come along to this business and transformational event where we take a different approach towards breaking through your personal barriers while learning business strategies to turn your ideas into profitable businesses. 

This business and transformational event is for female business owners who;

  • Want to get their gift, expertise or message out into the world. 
  • Have service-based business such as coaching, consulting or therapy business where they want to make an impact in the world while creating a lifestyle and the financial freedom they deserve, and
  • Have an idea of starting a business or are already in the startup phase of their business.


Personal Breakthrough

  • Remove self-doubt, fear and overwhelm
  • Overcome personal barriers that are holding you back in your life
  • Align your heart's desires to your business and visions
  • Get your message out into the world that has a massive impact in the community

    Manifesting Money & Mastering Your Finances

  • How to get back your money power
  • How to manage your personal and business finances
  • How to budget and save money
  • How to overcome your financial challenges and meet your financial goals
  • Positioning your Finance and Financial Strategy 

    Business Strategies

  • Connect deeply with your potential clients to create major transformations
  • Proven marketing strategies
  • Reignite your past clients and create collaborations that are profitable 
  • Get over the fear of selling 
  • How to set price points and strategy that earn you more money with less work

    Health & Wellness

  • How taking over responsibility for your health and the environment benefits your life and your business
  • Feeling confident, happy and at home in your body is not as hard as it sometimes seems to be
  • How every single one of us can make a massive impact in this world and transform our lives and our planet into heaven on earth


This event is for startup female Coaches, Consultants and Practitioners in Health, Wellness, Spirituality, Complimentary & Alternative Therapy industry. So this event is for you if you:

  • Feel confused and overwhelmed 
  • Need clarity, strategy & direction 
  • Want to turn your ideas into action plan
  • Want to start attracting your ideal clients
  • Want to sell out your programs 
  • Are ready to start creating the wealth you deserve

This isn't for everyone - If you don't have a business idea yet, you're looking for get rich quick scheme, looking for a cookie-cutter business approach without willing to connect with yourself, this isn't for you. 


I believe that we women have uncapped potential hidden within us. I believe we have a unique message and gift within us that we can share with the world. I believe we can do what we love and monetise our passion. 

My mission is to help women entrepreneurs unlock the brilliance in their head, package it and put it out into the world in a way that they're making a difference in the world while creating the wealth they deserve. 

You should come because we need to redefine success and wealth. It's no longer about money, power & status. It's about purpose, passion, well-being and money. Yes, we need to make money to sustain our business, live life comfortably and focus on things that matter. But to really live a purpose-driven life, we need to have a purpose-driven business.

So we'll define your purpose, package your passion and look at your well-being so you're building your life and business holistically.