Do you desire to:

  • Understand how to set intentions that work 

  • Know to avoid when setting intentions 

  • Rise up through breakdowns 

  • Get clear on your desires and getting in alignment with them 

  • Release your limitations that hold you back and step up #af

  • Take aligned & inspired action to manifest all the things 

  • Learn how you can shift your inner landscape your external reality shifts instantly … with ease

  • Integrate powerful and practical steps to put you into action 

  • Manipulate the law of universe and create your future 

  • Tap into who you need to become 

  • Attract and get attracted to the high vibe opportunities 

Elevate AF Bundle consists of:

  • 5 videos each length from 10 - 60 mins

  • Video 1: Intention (How to set powerful intentions and what not to do when you’re setting them)

  • Video 2: Breakdown to Breakthrough (Changing your relationships with breakdowns and rising up even more powerfully)

  • Video 3: Jumping When The Portal Opens (Shifting your perception towards fear and spotting opportunities when they show up)

  • Video 4: Say No To The Victim Stories & Taking Radical Responsibility (How you can shifting into a better version of yourself and elevate in life without needing to have the victim stories)

  • Video 5: Conscious Creation Process (***A very powerful process to not only call in the people, opportunities and circumstances into your life but also manifest what you truly desire with ease and flow)


Who’s Arabelle


I’m Arabelle. I do so many things that it’s hard to come up with a title so I call myself a Life Catalyst. I help people create emotional and financial freedom through my workshops, digital courses, retreats, ceremonies and events.

I’m not a personal development coach or a spiritual teacher.

Yes, I do have so many qualifications… from two bachelor degrees and masters degrees to a qualifications in clinical psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, a whole heaps of other therapeutic modalities + shamanic practitioner.

But they aren’t important.

What’s important are the results and the lives I get to change. And what I embody.

All the things that I teach are everything I’m practising in my life, embodying and also seeing results in so many people’s lives.

I believe in every cell of my being that we are powerful creators. What we have in our environment is what we’ve called in. That means, we get to call in something else if we’re not happy with what we’re seeing.

This is what it’s about.

This bundle can be life changing but obviously, this is one of the no sweat + no brainer offers that I have… if you wanna dip your toes in and see my work.

So let’s jump in and get started.

Elevate is priced at:


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