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DAY 3 of #7DaysWithArabelle Free Challenge

{ Follow up day }

I have a follow-up day that I put in my calendar where I follow up with people on things that I didn’t get a chance to do so or been using the ‘excuse’ I’m busy. If you want to be successful, build relationships - not walls, Facebook profiles or businesses. 

As you all know already, I’m an introvert - that means, I’m not out there in the crowd all the time but this one little technique has helped me built so many friendships, meaningful relationships and, opportunities in life and business. 

Of course do it with your heart. 

Here are some ideas for you to follow up on - 

+ potential business opportunities, 

+ new connections (someone you met at an event) 

+ new friendships (someone you met at a party)

+ sending flowers / cards / gifts to say thank you, 

+ post about someone who has helped you heaps online, 

+ write to someone you haven’t met but someone you admire, 

+ call someone to say I’m thinking about them, 

+ making a little video to cheer them up, 

+ email the potential clients you spoke to months ago,

+ connect with past clients, 

+ show gratitude to family, friends, significant other, your pet or literally anyone

There are a million ideas but you gotta do some work my friend 😃 Let’s get this started, HIT PLAY button.