Kick self-doubt & Claim confidence back

DAY 1 of #7DaysWithArabelle Free Challenge

{ Reconnect with inner fire }

We had dreams and passions when we were young. We said “I want to be a _____ when I grow older” but somewhere along the way, our directions changed. We get offtrack. Before we know it, we’ve lost our passion. 

So let’s connect to that gift that we were born with and get inspired again. 

You need to download this worksheet to be able work through today’s task. 

Post your childhood photo & tell us what you’ve always wanted to be. Where did you stop doing that. And what will you commit to now. 

Be childlike. Be curious. Find that passion and fire within you again. 

  • Find a childhood photo of yours that you feel connected with. 
  • What were your passions at the time? 
  • What did you ‘pretend’ to be when you played at that age? e.g. doctor, teacher, scientist? 
  • What aspects of those games that you played that you really loved? 
  • What did you say “I will become ____ when I grow up?”
  • What were your dreams? 
  • What did you do whenever you had free time / when you finished classes? 
  • What are you doing now in life? 
  • What changed along the way? 
  • What do you commit to start doing now?

This is a promise to yourself so be mindful of what you’re committing to. Because if you commit to something and not do it, you’re programming your subconscious mind that you’re OK not having integrity to your words in life.