What Your Relationships Are Telling You

What Your Relationships Are Telling You

I’m done with relationships. 

Have you said that before? I have but I realised that we’re never done with relationships because we’re always in a relationship with someone or something. We’re in a relationship with our friends, partners, parents, dog, business, boss or even our laptop!

Great news is, all the people and things that we’re in a relationship with are always teaching us something. They are an opportunity for us to see ourselves very clearly - what our patterns are, what’s holding us back and how can we be whole.

[Note: when I say relationships, I’m not talking just about romantic relationships.]

There are a number of ways how our relationships can be a mirror to us. 

8 Things I Learned From Starting My Own Business

8 Things I Learned From Starting My Own Business

I have to be honest; I’ve been a little slow in replying messages on Facebook and emails because when I’m not coaching my clients, I’ve been spending a lot of time doing the deep inner-work on myself and also integrating them afterwards. 

One of the questions I get repeatedly asked is “what’s it like to start your own business” and I can see the clarity the women writing to me are seeking behind that question. I can feel that they’re at a point in their life where they’re ready to come out of the shell and make an impact in the world with their gifts. 

I have to say there are a lot of lessons I’ve learned over the years but here are the 8 things that I think will help you the most right now.

How To Tap Into Your Intuition (or Gut Feeling)

How To Tap Into Your Intuition (or Gut Feeling)
What’s intuition? 
I’m not intuitive. I’m not that type. 
How can I trust my intuition? 

If you fall into one of those three, then this post is for you. 

So what’s intuition? Intuition is a gut feeling or a natural knowing where you know how something is going to turn out before it happens. Some call it higher self, guardian angel, instinct or even god. Whatever you call it, we all have it. 

So when you say you’re not that type, there’s no type. 

We’re all intuitive. We all have gut feelings. 

It’s just a matter of how much do we pay attention to it and how much do we trust our gut. We’ve been trained to switch off the the natural knowing we’re born with because we’re trained to be logical. We must be able to ‘work out’ or have scientific evidence in order for us to believe. After all seeing is believing, isn’t it? No.

The thing is intuition defies logic. 

Even the most successful billionaires in the world use their intuition to make business decisions. Because it’s powerful and accurate.

The best part is, it’s free

And the good news is, even if you feel that you’re not intuitive, it’s something you can train. 

I use intuition to make decisions from small to big, personal to business, from insignificant to profound. I use intuition before I take on a new client. I use it when I coach my clients. 

When you follow your intuition, you rarely go wrong because it’s the inner wisdom that we’re accessing. 

8 Powerful Ways To Let Go So You Can Make Space For New Things

8 Powerful Ways To Let Go So You Can Make Space For New Things

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it". - Ann Landers

At one point in our lives, we have to let go; our job, business, loved ones, pets or that old shirt that teddy bear we had since five. 

I see letting go as a sign of growth, a test and a pivotal moment of transformation. Because in the process of letting go, we gain so much more.

I have let go of so many things in my life; from jobs to marriage. Recently, I purposely let go of 80% of my belongings because I wanted to test myself and see what it’s like to live very little possession but a lot of space and love in my heart. 

So if you’re going through this process, I have a few tips here that I practice whenever it’s time for me to let go. 

How I went through 5 days without eating: My water-fasting experience

How I went through 5 days without eating: My water-fasting experience

So basically, I did water fasting for physical, emotional and spiritual cleanse. I’m always looking for ways to evolve to another level as a human being. It’s not about proving or challenging myself, but it’s more about understanding and getting connected to my mind, body and spirit more. 

As you might probably know, I’m a very spiritual person but at the same time, I live in the business world working with thousands of people even in just last year alone. I’m oscillating between the two worlds and in order for me to serve fully, share my knowledge and change lives, I need to live what I teach. I’m a big believer that I need to learn it and live it before I share it. 

2015 Reflection: 7 Things I Learned In My Business This Year

2015 Reflection: 7 Things I Learned In My Business This Year

Have you heard of this saying “what you focus on expands”?

They’re not just empty words. It’s about your energy. Your energy determines what you’re going to achieve today, tomorrow or the next three months. The thing is whenever I see other entrepreneurs, it’s almost like a trend where they have to talk about how stressed out and busy they are as if it’s a testimonial of how hard they've been working. So when your greeting becomes “Hi, I’m so stressed”, what’s going to happen next? What you focus on expands.

Are you upper limiting yourself?

Are you upper limiting yourself?

Ever heard we’re scared of failure but we’re even more petrified of success? 

Ever felt guilty for being the smartest, tallest or prettiest girl in your family or circle of friends? Ever had the best time of your life only to ruin it later with negative thoughts? Ever deflected a compliment by either ignoring the compliment or saying something else without acknolwedging it? 

If yes, read on because you’re upper limiting yourself. 

My First Meditation Experience With Dhamma

My First Meditation Experience With Dhamma

Gently closing my bedroom door, I came up with the bright idea that maybe using earplugs might help. I was more excited about using the earplugs than the meditation in itself. I made myself comfortable, resting my back against the bed in a seated position. Inserting the earplugs so as to remove further distraction, I switched off the bed lights next to where I was sitting. "Another bright idea of mine," I told myself. Off I was with my eyes closed. Everything was pitch black. 

As the squashed foam earplugs regained their shape, the sound of the room slowly faded, replaced by the sound of my breathing. From my earlier attempts meditating once or twice before in my life, as a young child, during a stint as a novice for a few days, I knew that you had to focus on a specific object amongst the others present in your surroundings. I had also learnt this in theory from my mother, who had started her own personal dhamma (laws of nature) journey many years ago. 

How Laurie signed up 12 clients within 2 months of launching her business

How Laurie signed up 12 clients within 2 months of launching her business

One of the first things that Laurie did when she signed up to work with me was to postpone our coaching sessions. Yes you read that right. More on this below. 

However, I convinced her to trust in the process (note: not me but the process) and she did. Within 2 months of launching her business, she signed up 12 clients and now she's fully booked. At the time of this post, it's only been 3 months since she launched her business. Her clients are now on the waiting list and we're now creating an online group program so she can leverage her time. 

Laurie is a mum of two boys, an entrepreneur and a go-getter. So how did she make it happen while others are complaining of not having the time and not seeing the results? 

In this post, I'll break it down what we did together. After that, I'll share with you the post Laurie had written on her journey from 'feeling like a fraud' to converting 90% of the potential clients she talks to. 

1. Staying committed on her decision

Laurie did my online course called Be Charged.Life where I teach about how to program your mind for success while she was also building her business. I was a bit worried that she might be overwhelmed with the number of things she had to do but on the contrary, she was always the first to complete all the tasks. At the time, she was away in India with her husband on church duties where she had limited internet connection and time. Despite all of that, she stayed committed to getting things done without any complaint or excuses.

What she has a system to manage her time well and planning ahead so she can be productive every day. 

2. Programming her mind for success

Although she was part of Be Charged.Life, she's also human. That means she faces mindset blocks from time to time starting with her excuse to postpone the program. She felt that she would be judged and that she wouldn't have enough time or energy to build her business. However, Laurie remained open to my suggestions and when I convinced her to trust in the process, she did. 

During the process of building her business, she struggled with self-doubt on whether she was good enough, if she needed to get more qualifications, if people would criticise her for doing something different in her life, if people around her would support her and mainly, if she could charge what I suggested her to charge. 

But she's extremely clear of her vision and the goals she's ready to achieve. As a result, she was willing to work through her blocks as much as they were uncomfortable. She learned to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

We reframed her thought patterns and she started to use the techniques I teach in Be Charged.Life. Within a short period of time, she was able to overcome all the blocks and she started putting herself out there by promoting herself in various Facebook groups and on social media. 

What she did was taking responsibility for her own emotions rather than projecting onto others and taking responsibility for the path she's set out to walk on. 

3. Putting an extra effort

Although we were working together, brainstorming strategies and created a roadmap, Laurie took initiative to put extra effort to do research and learn things that she wasn't good at. She learned the technology to automate her business, marketing strategies to streamline her funnel process, networked with others to build connection and showed up every single day for the people that she can help through her business. 

When starting a business, we need to learn to wear different hats; from the visionary CEO to the Admin, the Marketing Manager, the Sales Person and the Graphic Designer -- unless of course we have the funds to outsource.

4. Not making excuses

As said before, not only Laurie is a successful business owner, she's also a mum to two boys and takes full responsibility of a wife. That means, she's always on the go and her time is extremely limited. However, Laurie never makes excuses on not having enough time, energy or money to follow her dreams.

The only thing that differentiates those who succeed and those who don't is our willing to make things happen. When we make excuses and blame others, we give our power away by playing victim. As always as we're playing victim, we'll never be able to lead well.  

5. Holding herself accountable

In every coaching session, we work on mindset as well as strategy. At the end of every session, I give my clients tasks that they need to do between our coaching calls and as well as due dates to complete. Laurie not only completes every single task, she finishes them so fast that I almost always have to give her more things to work on before our next session. As a result, she gets ahead faster her peers and sees results in her business in such a short time. 

Accountability is key in business. Especially when we're starting a business, we get pulled into all directions. In order to focus, we need to be held accountable. 

6. Following the strategy

Every business is unique and every business owner is in different stages of their life and business. That means, we have to create strategies that suits Laurie and supports her goals. One thing that Laurie is extremely good at is focus. There are so many shiny objects that we can chase but Laurie's eyes are set on her target. Despite all the tempting distractions, she focusses on the strategy and as a result, she reaps the fruits of her labour with minimal effort. 

Now you might be wondering, what does she do? Did she achieve all of that because of the nature of her business? 

I'm glad you asked. Laurie is the founder of Budget and Beyond where she helps make money on the unpredictable income. She works with business owners as a Budgeting Specialist and Money Mentor. 

Laurie has been able to not only get 12 clients in 2 months of launching her business, but also get booked out and get people on waiting list in 3 months since the launch of her new business. Laurie used the strategies I gave her and then she gets committed and creative with the way she runs her business. 

Today Laurie will share with you how she did it and how you can do the same too.

Do you have that business idea which you know aligns with your strengths, skills and passion but not sure how to turn it into a successful reality?

Six months ago that was me. My passion was teaching business owners to flourish on their unpredictable income, not just ‘survive’.  I also knew I wanted to give this idea everything I had, no matter what.

First challenge, where do I start? I knew I needed opt-ins, a website and blog, some kind of a sales funnel, but to be honest I didn't even have a signature offer or know what to charge. Other than throwing mud at the wall and seeing what stuck, I had no business plan what-so-ever.

This was the point in time I knew I needed some help. I decided to invest in a business coach. 

How it started

With my business coach, I decided on a launch date. This gave me incentive to work towards a due date and not put off my business idea any longer.

Over the first four months, working behind the scenes with my business coach towards my launch -- I was conducting target market interviews, preparing copy for my website, creating freebies and a signature offer. I could see my business vision so close to becoming a reality, I was so motivated!

I also started being more present in some very engaging Facebook groups both in my local area and country wide to get my face out there and start being recognised.

Launch day came… I had found one new client but over the next couple of weeks I wasn't getting any one else who wanted to even have a free introductory chat with me. I was getting worried.

One call with my coach and we discovered the problem, my messaging wasn’t quite right. I wasn’t speaking directly to my target market, I was being too general. A few tweaks to my offers and the messages came trickling in. 

By the end of that month, I had 7 introductory calls with potential clients and had converted every single one into a successful sign up.

By the end of the second month I was completely booked out! I could no longer fit any more one-on-one clients in without compromising my work/life balance. 

The first key to this success was connection.

Sometimes this was face-to-face at local networking events and other times, it was creating videos which communicate my passion in a very natural way to my potential clients.

The second key was through a very ‘non-pushy, non-salesy’ way of asking to work with them on a long term basis.

I was simply asking questions about their situation and teaching them a couple of important points in the time frame we had available. If they didn’t wish to continue on to work with me, then my time was simply a gift for them. Saying that, 90 percent of people were choosing to continue working with me.

My next challenge, I didn’t just want to stop at helping 12 people! Now I needed to create a leveraged way to work with more people. Back to my business coach and we drew up a launch plan for an online Money Academy due to launch this September!

Just remember, you might be going into business for yourself, but you don’t have to go into business by yourself.

If you are interested in following along with my business journey and you would like some ideas on how to save money in your own household budget. You can download my “60 Ways to Save” PDF here: