Are you creating a space for money to flow?

Are you creating a space for money to flow?

So today let’s talk about money. Such a favourite topic of many but it’s almost taboo in the society to want to make more money. 

First of all, money is energy. Trust me, EVERYTHING in life is energy. Relationships, success, abundance… EVERYTHING is energy. Meaning it’s transferable. You can feel it and it can feel you. 

So first thing first, money is also about beliefs. And when I say beliefs, they are beliefs because they live in your deep subconscious mind. Most of the time, if you don’t do the work to find out what beliefs are really driving your actions and behaviours everyday, you won’t even know they are there. 

So… if you’re in a place where you don’t have enough money, you’re always in debt and you’re always stressing out about money, think about this.. 

The Money Taboo

The Money Taboo

I wish for the day we don’t need to worry about money anymore. 

Living in this society, money plays a big role in our everyday life. However, I’d be the first one to say that money can’t buy happiness, true love or meaning but I’ll also say that money brings you ‘choices’ in life. 

I see so many clients of mine, in fact almost all of them, come to me asking for a business and pricing strategy but when I do give them, they’re still not making the money they want.

Isn’t it interesting? 

So going back to what I said earlier about money = choices, let me put some context around it. As long as we’re living in this society, unless you live on an island with your own home grown food, you need money to survive, pay for bills, pay for the trips you want to take and pay for your family.

6 Steps To Monetising Your Expertise

6 Steps To Monetising Your Expertise

Are you wanting to get out of the rat race and wanting to live a life of freedom and flexibility?

They say there’s never been a better time than now. We’re connected to each other more than ever. Internet has revolutionised the way we live, eat, do business and design our life.

If you’re wanting to do something on your own but not knowing where to start, this article will walk you through. Here’s a quick tip, if you’ve never had a business before and if you want to start something now, the fastest and the easiest way is to do a service-based business. I’m not saying you can become overnight expert or success. It surely takes time but it’s easier than product-based businesses.

Before we go into details, I also want you to know that every time you read articles like these, you’re learning something. You’re expanding your awareness. But you must implement.

Knowledge isn’t power. Implementation, with speed, is power.

So in this article, I’m going to walk you through 6 steps to monetise your expertise. This article will be under 1000 words so obviously, what you have to implement will be much more than this and I’m also going to offer you something at the end because I know it will help you.