What You Resist Persists

So yesterday after all the talks are done, I flew back to Perth from Sydney and I was watching a movie on the way.


The movie was about this married couple who seem to have it all; beautiful family, a big house, money, friends, happiness and everything one would ever want. Everyone around them admire them for what they have and they genuinely believe they have made it life... 

...until it's not. 

In one scene, they are on a holiday having a party, wearing the nicest clothes, having everyone they want around them, gourmet food... and then the wife gets a call and she has to travel home. She gets onto a plane, sits in business class, has champagne but the moment she lands, she finds herself staring into the eyes of a stranger, a man... a beautiful man.

She felt it. She still feels it. 

And suddenly, right in front of them a pedestrian crossing the road gets hit by the bus and dies on the spot. The first scene of how the twists and turns in life can be that quick. 

A few days later, she somehow bumps into that beautiful stranger she shared a gaze with days ago at the airport and before you know it, this woman who is married, who believes that she is extremely happy with everything she has in life finds herself falling head over heels in love with this stranger.

A soulmate. A twin flame. Lust. Infatuation. 

You can guess how the story goes. From one of the most richest, famous, happiest women, she then becomes a disgrace in the society losing everything in her life.. not only her husband and the son but also the house, money and her fame. 

Instead of seeing it as "Oh she messed it up!", I love peeling layers of human psychology.

That was a test for both of them... the husband and the wife. That was universe's way of telling them that all the emotions they have suppressed, all the desires left unspoken, all the emotions left undealt with and what they’ve resisted subconsciously are now bubbling up, the ticking time bomb of suppressed issues in their lives, pretending that everything is ok by sweeping problems under the carpet and, how easy and fragile our minds are to destroy everything we have just because... we are not self-aware. 


The key to unlocking your potential. The key to removing the invisible emotional blocks. The key to living our life in alignment with our highest values. 

Although it's just a movie, I find it very meaningful because similar things are happening to all us at varying degrees. Even what seems to be the most insignificant things like getting annoyed with the way our partner talks, feeling insecure about ourselves, getting angry with the flatmate who stays at our place for not mopping, getting frustrated with the traffic lights to not seeing results we want to see in our life and business. I wonder... if there’s more to it than what we see on the surface. 

And there is. 

That’s why self-awareness is extremely important.. not only in our life but also in business as well. Clients come to me saying they are lost in their lives but usually, it’s only one tiny tweak that they need to do before they start transforming into this person who’s confident, self-assured, happy and wealthy. Clients come to me saying they aren’t making money in their business and most of the time, it’s their mindset that we work on that instantly makes them money in their business. 

One of my new clients wrote to me other day ...

That’s why I focus on mindset, self-awareness and self-development because it’s the key to success. Sure many of my business coaching clients who work with me make the highest profit in their businesses within the first 3 months of working with me and transformational clients take giant leaps in their life that they never thought possible but I can only do so much for you. 

Because if you don’t take action, you won’t see results. It’s as simple as that. 

So my message to you today is, I know that if we work together I can support and catapult your life and business to the next level in the shortest time possible BUT are you really ready to make it happen? 

Because if you are, whatever you’re chasing isn't hard to get. It’s already here. You just need to unlock and unblock yourself to tap into that. 

Perspective rules, 
Arabelle xx

P.S Imagine your life 6 months from now... doing what you love, waking up every day with drive and energy. Being able to travel where you want, when you want with the confidence that shines through you. People approaching you for your advice asking "What happened to you? Something about you have changed! I want to do what you've been doing". What would it be like for you? I can show you how to achieve that. Click here for a free discovery coaching session if you want to find out.