Breathwork: The Healing Psychedelic Trip Without Psychedelics

Breathwork: The Healing Psychedelic Trip Without Psychedelics

If someone had told me tens years ago about this technique called breathwork where I get induced into a trance-like state, see visions and feel like I'm on a psychedelic trip without psychedelics, I would think that the person is crazy.

I first learned breathwork during my holistic clinical psychotherapy and hypnotherapy training. Since then, I've had a chance to practice it and now facilitated 400 people so far. 

With stress levels sky high and many people seeking alternative forms of self-development, soul searching and spiritual awakening, breathwork has slowly become a buzz. In the simplest form, it's the circular breathing where we drop from our head into our body. 

We're now becoming so connected to the internet yet, so disconnected with ourselves. Breathwork is one of the best techniques I know which not only helps us get clarity but also gain so much wisdom from within. 

Thousands of years ago, we were getting hunted by saber-toothed tigers - that triggered our fight or flight system. Today, that same fight or flight system is getting triggered daily by modern day tigers; deadlines, making the boss happy, worrying about finances, the need to fit in, etc. 

As a result, our immune system gets depressed which then create so many emotional and physical illnesses. 

Most of us breathe shallow breaths from our chest which deprives us from breathing enough oxygen.  But through breathwork, we consciously breathe to oxygenate our body. As a result, we bring emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual balance back into our lives. 

Doing breathwork in group context also different from doing in one on one. With a group, we experience the hive mind and the collective shift in the energies. At the same time, those who are sensitive can find this overwhelming. Whereas, breathing one on one can be intimidating and uncomfortable but at the same time, it can create profound shifts. 

We can talk about breathwork for hours and I certainly don't call myself a guru or expert. In fact, I see myself as a space holder and a contributor of my experience and knowledge. 

If you're wondering why should you do breathwork, in this post, I'll share with you 6 reasons why you should try it. 

1. You connect to the life force

Our life force is our breath. It's the first thing that we experience when we're born and the last thing we do when we leave this world. When we take shallow breaths, not only do we lose touch with our life force, we also lose touch with our bodies. Through breathwork, we get to re-balance the energy within and re-connect with our life force. 

2. It creates mental clarity

Breathwork creates an altered state of consciousness and lets you focus on your mind, body and mainly breath. As we go deeper in the breath, it creates a space where we lose time and space, opens up an opportunity to access the state of mind where we get clarity. Sometimes, well most of the times, we find the answers that we seek within. 

3. Let go of the old programming

When we reach to a state of clarity, we start to see why we are the way we are, what's holding us back and helps us become the spectator of our live events, instead of getting caught up in the circumstances. That's the time when we are presented with a choice whether to let go or to keep holding onto what doesn't serve us anymore. 

4. Connection to the body 

To be able to breathe in cyclic breathing, we have to focus on our body and our breath. We spend a lot of time staying in our head and we promote having a logical mind today. There's nothing wrong with logic and we need it. However, when we're only using logic and forgets to connect to the heart, it cuts our connection to our self or our soul. When we bring our awareness from our head down into our body, we start to become aware of energetic blocks, and even past traumas that are stored within our body. 

5. Help us be grounded 

All of us are made up of different identities and fragmented parts of ourselves. We have the control freak, the seeker, the wounded child, the protector, the perfectionist and many other identities. However, most of the time, there's a dominant identity that defines how we show up in the world. That splits our energy and fragments our whole self. Breathwork helps us to re-connect those fragmented parts of ourselves so we can come out as a whole person. 

6. Healing the inner child 

We are the sum of all our experiences -- that includes the experiences we've had since we were a child and the meanings we've attached to those experiences. From the mean comments we received when we were young to major tragedies we experience in our adult life, there are parts of us that we can heal through breath so we make choices today from a place of clarity and power. 


Breath is so simple yet so powerful. Ultimately, it is our life force. To me personally, if I'm not connected to my life force, I'm as good as a living dead. My only advice for you is to go to people who are properly trained if you want to experience this and not to induce this on your own if you're unsure of what you're doing.

After all, I call this is a psychedelic trip without psychedelics. The only drawback is we get to see the deep parts of ourselves that we've ignored for so long. The best part is, we have a choice to go in and make choices from a place of clarity. 

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Arabelle is a writer, lover of life and adventurer, goes by the official titles of International Speaker, Life & Business Strategist and Clinical Psychotherapist at Born Buddhist, taught in ancient indigenous wisdom, trained in modern healing modalities and naturally curious about life, Arabelle teaches, writes and speaks about all things mindset and how we can be the Conscious Creators of our future.