7 Traits That Show That You Are A Woman of Influence

After working with thousands of women from across the globe, I notice that there are certain things that we all have in common; things that hold us back in life. It’s like we’re the unpolished diamonds hidden away in the earth waiting to be found. The only thing is, we’re the diamonds that have the power to crawl out of the earth and into the universe so we can shine the world with our light. 

So here are the 7 traits that I commonly see in women of influence. 

1. Cultural boundaries

It doesn’t matter wherever she's from and where she's at right now, she understands that in order to step into her personal power and personal leadership abilities, she needs to push the cultural boundaries while still respecting it.

She understands that stepping into her feminine leadership isn’t about being aggressive but more about being authentic, speaking your truth, sharing your message, living what she preaches and giving herself a permission to follow her fears.

She knows that when she gives herself a permission, she gives others a permission to do the same as well. 

2. Confidence

She knows where she's confident at in her life - work, business, career, relationship, knowledge or herself. She's not arrogant about her confidence but instead, she inspires others with her confidence.

Her genuine confidence comes from constantly working on herself and recognising the areas where she's weak at.

She doesn't compare herself with others, she doesn't feel jealous about other women’s successes or riches instead she appreciates, supports and cheers for them when they succeed. 

3. Self-acceptance

She knows her flaws, insecurities, strengths, weaknesses, the bad and the ugly. She's not afraid to admit openly where she lacks and share when she has.

She's honest with herself and she catches herself when she starts making excuses. She may find herself feeling small by comparing herself to others from time to time but she reminds herself that she is enough.

She doesn't blame others for her own weaknesses instead she's open enough to recognise her own shortcomings and work on herself. 

4. Criticism

She takes criticism beautifully and she doesn't take it personally because she knows that there’s no such thing as criticism but only feedback.

She values feedback from others because that’s how she's able to always work on herself to take herself to the next level in life. As much as she values feedback from others, she's also honest enough to give herself genuine feedback on her own thoughts, actions and behaviours. 

5. Self-care

She takes care of herself.

She respects the part of herself that wants to put others first and takes care of them, and she also values herself by taking great care of herself. She understands the importance of self-care because she knows very well that she can’t give when her cup isn’t full.

She understands that self-care is not just about external beauty but also about finding the time to be alone, to be quiet, to connect with her heart and to work on her own self development. 

6. Self-love and self-respect

She understands very well that she can’t love and respect others unless she truly loves and respects herself.

She knows that loving and respecting herself isn’t just about doing mani-pedi or facials and making the exterior beautiful but also about doing the inner work so she can be beautiful inside out.

She knows that self-love and self-respect isn’t about being selfish and vain but rather, choosing herself and valuing herself. In times of difficult decisions, she stays true to herself and she'd rather be against the whole world than against her own soul.

She makes time for herself and she stays true to her integrity. 

7. Learning and self-development

To her success isn’t just about making money but about well-being, constantly learning, developing herself personally and spirituality. She's inspired by constantly learning about the things she's interested in and she sets aside a portion of her income to grow herself. She's open enough to try new things, and improving different aspects her life is the key to living a meaningful life. 

So sister, whether you have one or all seven, I want to congratulate that you are different and unique. You don’t fit into the box that people want to put you into and be proud that you’re incomparable. 

You are born to be unique.

I found that women are the most beautiful when they’re being themselves and speak their truth. I find it sexy, attractive, influential and you hold your authority that way.

So don’t follow the trend sister, start a trend!

xx Arabelle