5 Reasons Why You're Not Selling On Your Discovery Calls

[ This is written mainly for coaches and consultants but this applies to any business that has to make sales calls ]

If you're a coach, consultant, healer or service provider then one of the sources of income for you is to get people on the phone or skype to have a chat with you to find out if you can work together. This is the first point of contact between you and your potential client where you will not only gauge the potential client and show case your work, the potential client will also do the same. 

In this article, I will share with you the actual script of one of my discovery calls, 5 things you must stop doing that are sabotaging your potential sales and also the structure that you can follow. 

So first all, there are ‘techniques’ that explain how we should be doing our discovery calls. But if you have been following me, you’ll know that I don’t really follow the blueprint or the system that every internet marketer is selling. I’m a big believer that I need to run my business in the way that ‘feels right’ for me. Of course I will work on my mindset if I feel it’s my own resistance, however, I need to feel good about how I’m showing up, how I’m communicating and how I’m selling. 

I’m also a big believer that whatever energy that I’m holding is going to be transferred onto my potential client. Therefore, feeling good about what I’m doing allows me to have the right energy. Therefore, the way I do my sales calls are different. In fact, I go against the ‘rule’ of not coaching on the first call and not sharing anything other than sell. 

Still I convert around 70% of my discovery calls and that’s a high number compared to the standard of 10-30% conversion for majority. 

So what is Discovery Call? 

Discovery call, sales call, strategy call, clarity call or consultation call - or many other names that are out there - are basically sales calls. The purpose of these calls are to -

  • Find out your potential client's needs, 
  • To be of service, 
  • To make an assessment of their current situation of how you could potentially help, 
  • To gauge if you are the right fit to work together and 
  • To make a sale.

These calls are roughly 30-60 mins long. As much as the aim of these calls are to sell and not to coach, as a big believer in giving as much value as possible, I treat these calls as transformational calls. 

Therefore, if I see them stuck, I will help them with mindset tools to get unstuck. 

How do you sell with grace and ease on your discovery calls? 

Now that we’ve established that Discovery Calls are sales calls - this is a sales process. It’s just a matter of whether you want to be one of those icky sales people or one of those who sell with ease, grace, integrity and respect. 

I choose the latter. So here are the 5 reasons why you're not selling on your discovery calls. 

1. Respect

To me it starts with respect. It’s about respecting the other person and seeing them as a someone we can be of service for them. Not as an addition to our bank balance. Have you heard of this quote “Don’t work for money. Make money work for you”? 

If you get onto the calls fully prepared but treat the other person with respect, your energy shift. It’s no longer about sales process - it becomes being of service. This is a game changer!

2. Have your packages ready

Don’t make the mistake of jumping onto the Discovery Call without knowing your numbers. It’s not just about having Package A, B and C - it’s really about knowing your numbers. 

  • What’s the full payment? 
  • What’s the instalment? 
  • Would you take deposit? 
  • What do they get if they make decisions today to commit? 
  • Bonus? 
  • Do you have a set program? 
  • Do you personalise? 

Knowing all these detail will not only make you professional, it will also give you confidence and make the sales process smooth. 

3. The battle is won before it’s started

Many jump onto these calls with the mindset “I hope she signs up today”. Although I’m very intentional with who I pick as my private 1-1 client, I go onto all my calls as if she’s already my client. 

That changes everything -

  • The potential client feels a sense of familiarity and comfort because you treat her as if she’s already your client. 
  • Your state of mind is calm, centred and present for your call. 
  • You will embody the influence and authority in the way you present yourself. 
  • You come across professional. 

4. Ask questions, listen and pause 

When you’re nervous you tend to talk a lot more than necessary, especially when there’s a pause in the conversation. We get uncomfortable with the silence and we fill that with noise by talking whatever comes to our mind. The thing about sales process is … the person asking the questions is in control -- meaning the person asking questions can direct the conversation to where it needs to go. 

The key here is to ask ‘open-ended’ questions that help your potential client to think to and expand on her answers e.g. How would that change your life if you could do x? And if there’s a pause… let there be a pause. She’s thinking. Give her time. When you get comfortable with silence and really listen, you’ll start to hear even the things that she’s not saying. 

5. Mastering your sales process

Of course… the good old quote “Practice makes things perfect” is critical here. This is about learning the sales process and practising it over and over. I suggest putting a mirror in front of you and practice you sales calls. Look at your facial expressions, watch how you lips move when you speak, your tone and the feelings that come up. It’s the details that make a big difference. 

And also knowing the process that you’ll have to go through from ‘Welcome’ to ‘I look forward to working with you in our first session!’. I suggest putting the all the papers down next to you when you’re on the calls; process sheet, price sheet, possible objections and checklist of things that you need to do.

Of course when you get good at this, you won’t need these anymore but it will help you at the start. That’s why, to help you make this easy for you, I’ve create an 18-page cheat sheet which explains - 

  • The structure of your Discovery Calls
  • How to handle objections with ease and grace
  • Sell with confidence and integrity 

This is the process that I follow which allowed me to create a 5-figure business within the first four months of launching my business. That was three years ago. So if you'd like to grab this opportunity, download this cheat sheet to help you get started on your Discovery Calls now.