8 Ways To Start Booking Discovery Calls

Discovery calls are sales calls where you and your prospect have a chance to talk to each other (or meet) to find out if you’re the right match, if you could support her and what she’s looking for from you. 

These calls are what’s going to create clients in your business and if you’re not booking them already, you need to go onto it quick. 

So here are 8 ways you can use for you to start booking your discovery calls. 

1. Creating a button on your website

On your website, you should have a place with Call To Action (CTA) button to invite people to book a Discovery Call with you. It’s best to provide some explanation of what this call is about, what’s going to be discussed and what they’ll get out of it. 

Side note: Always remember to think WIIFM - What’s in it for them. 

2. List building

Building your list is one of the most crucial tasks everyone needs to do when starting a business, or even if you already have thousands in your list. Building a list means building an email database. 

Yes you may be following on social media but that’s on a platform that don’t own. What happens when the social media platform crashes? So it’s important to build your list from Day 1. 

3. Use what you already have

If you’re a newbie and if you don’t have a following now, I’m sure you do have connections on your private connections, private Facebook page or even LinkedIn. Use what you have. Connect. Network. Invite to sign up for the Discovery Call. Having said that, build relationships first and then invite. Relationships are important than sales. 

4. Social Media

We all know the power of Social Media. Are posting regularly? Are you showing up regularly? Are you uploading videos? Are you doing Facebook Live? There are so many ways you can harness social media to build your list. The key here is to include Call To Actions at the end of each post on your social media. Trust me, you’re doing a massive service to your audience by doing this. 

5. Adding Call To Actions (CTAs)

Talking about CTAs, are you putting CTAs on your every blog posts, social media posts, podcast interviews, guest posts, etc.? If you’re not, you’re leaving money on the table. Even if you have nothing to offer at the moment, you can just include a sign-up form telling people whey they should sign up. E.g. “If you want to know more about how to find the love of your life, sign up here. I’ll be sending powerful tips to your inbox weekly” 

6. Private Facebook Groups

The hype of Facebook Groups seems to be over but not really over yet. There was one point where it was extremely powerful but now the Facebook algorithm has changed and the group posts aren’t as visible as before. Even then, you still have a massive access to possibly tens and thousands of people on Facebook groups; yours as well as others. Join the groups that are active and that have your audience. 

Contribute. Connect. Network. Provide free opt-ins. 

7. Free opt-ins

Talking about free opt-ins, this is BIG. Do you have a lead magnet aka free opt-in? You might be thinking, I don’t want to attract people who want only free stuff. That’s true and not true. Yes some people just want free stuff but some people want to see what you’re offering. 

I’ve had people who have downloaded so many of my free opt-ins over the years and when they were ready, they came to me for either Transformational Coaching or Business Coaching services. 

8. Speaking

I have to say this is my favourite. I LOVE speaking and this is my forte. Now speaking isn’t only about speaking on stages but also about speaking on webinars, online summits and even your Facebook Live Stream! When you speak, you’re sharing and teaching your area of expertise; whether it’s paid or free. People then get to see you in action. What better way to create trust, like and relatable factor than this? 

And then at the end of each speaking gig, put a CTA for a Discovery Session.

As you know, I’m all about sharing as much as possible without overwhelming you, here's the bonus information for you. 

Systems to use for Discovery Calls

  • Acuity Scheduling - My go-to software that does everything. Not only it has the timezone converter, you can embed that on your website, create different types of appointments, connect to your calendar, block times that you don’t want people to book in and you can even accept payments directly on this software!  
  • Evernote - This is my organiser. I don’t know what I’d do without Evernote. This is what I use to run my business. It organises all my client notes, my planning and organisation. 
  • Stripe - If you’re accepting payments online, I use Stripe either on its own or linking it up to Acuity Scheduling. The charges are low and I love it more than Paypal to be honest. 
  • LeadPages - If you’re going to start putting out various freebies aka opt-ins, I suggest you use LeadPages. It’s easy, quick and the templates they have just helps me buy back my time. 

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