How introverts can make an impact and be successful

Recently I wrote an article on introversion and extroversion simply because all my life I thought I had a problem -- I didn't fit in. 

However, as I started researching over the years, I realised that it was my introverted nature and how I can use it to create great impact in the work that I do. So for my introverted, highly sensitive and socially awkward friends, you're not alone. 

This article was published on Leaders in Heels publication. 


Every memory of childhood is about me spending time in nature, spending time with the animals or wandering around in the neighbourhood on my own.

Pretty much all my life, I’ve always loved solitary time and I lived with the silent feeling that I didn’t fit in… until I realised that it wasn’t true.

Opposites attract each other; the majority of my friends that I had and have are extroverts. What I didn’t know was how much I enjoyed being around them because they did all the talking and I did all the listening. This had eventually led to me to do what I do today which requires a lot of attentive listening.

Even now, people sometimes consider it's a weakness that when I attend trainings, I’m shy, quiet and that I don’t mingle with groups. Now this is different when I lead my own events and workshops. More on that later. Of course, they probably didn’t say that out of bad intentions, but for a long time, that really made me believe that I have a major weakness – I don’t fit in.

I’m shy. I’m quiet. I can’t mingle with groups. That’s what my inner-critic says.

It became an affirmation in my head which made it worse. So if you’re someone who goes through similar things, I’ve got great news for you.

As an INTP by Myer Briggs Personality Test and someone who has experienced the not-so-favourable side of being an introvert, I get you.

I’ve done a lot of research over the years, and especially recently, on this very topic, with the intention to be more like them and to work on my weaknesses. Little did I know what I’d find would change my life.

So first up, it is not a weakness. In fact, it’s a strength.

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