Never playing small again

So as you might know, I've recently moved across country from Perth to Melbourne. Funnily enough Melbourne wasn't on my list of places to move to! 

Talk about how life can throw you opportunities that wasn't part of our plan. 

People told me "It's cold!", "You get 4 weathers in one day", "You will miss Perth's beaches" and so many other things that really demotivated me to move. In fact, I had a crisis before I moved because I DID NOT want to move at last minute.

But I did anyway. 

"Follow the white rabbit" - that's what I always say. It's the line from the movie Matrix. 

Follow the little breadcrumbs that life leaves you on the way. The first step may not lead you to your destination but it will lead to another and another and another... and it always does for me. 

So 1 week after I moved, I went to an event that one of my soul sisters Niamh did. I showed up for her - to support her and be there for her in her first launch. I didn't have any expectation other than being there for her.

But little did I know, many women came up to me and introduced themselves "Arabelle, I've been following you online for a while now. Thank you for doing what you do. You've helped me heaps".

I did not expect that. In fact, I even thought nobody knew me in Melbourne. Talk about the inner-gremlins that tell us thing how we're not good enough. 

So what this little incident taught me is that if we believe we have a message and a gift that can impact so many lives, no matter what the response may be, we need to continue showing up. 

I showed up even if I didn't feel like it. 
I showed up even if I was going through stuff. 
I showed up even if I didn't have enough following. 
I showed up even if I didn't get enough 'likes'.
I showed up even if I was criticised. 

It always comes back down to this - what are you choosing? 

I choose IMPACT. You? 

Here's to courage, 
xo Arabelle

P.S COMMENT BELOW and tell me what are you choosing right now.