Manifesting: How You Can Write Scripts To Create A Future You Desire

I'm not really a big fan of affirmations but I believe in scripts. 

Writing scripts is one of the things I teach my coaching clients. If you're a deliberate creator of your future, then you need to know exactly how you want it to turn out.

Sure, some things are beyond your control but your intention is in your control and how you visualise is in your control.

I've written many scripts over the years and I'm the living proof that most of the things have come true already. The more detailed and specific the scripts are, the better. Here are some of the things I've achieved - 

✔ Speaking on stages internationally and to thousands -- Done! 
✔ Getting hired internationally to coach, train and speak -- Done!
✔ A beach house or nearby -- Done!
✔ Working with professional clients who are smart, driven and wanting to make an impact -- Done!
✔ Beautiful relationships -- Done!
✔ Completion of the old chapter -- Done!
✔ Creation of a new beginning that's almost impossible -- Done!
✔ Being able to travel and work from laptop -- Done!
✔ A business that allows me to have freedom and flexibility -- Done!
✔ Financial targets to meet -- Done!

So you see, when you do the work and make no excuse, MAGIC happens.

I buckled my shoes and got to work...

..even if I didn't have the money
..even if I didn't have the time
..even if I thought it was impossible
..even if I was afraid of failure
..even if everyone said I was crazy
..even if there was nobody who believed in what I did
..even if I felt scared

Because to me, when I act with conviction, backing it up with logical structure, profound strategy and epic experiences I've had in my life, things can't not show up in my life.

The universe rewards us when determination meets passion.

I've written scripts for the whole year already. Imagine, writing scripts for the movie. The more effort you put in, the more likely for the movie to win oscar. 

Same for your life. 

So for today, I thought I'd share with you some of the scripts that I wrote that you can use as your wallpaper.


Here to manifesting great things, 
xo Arabelle