Money Mindset

There’s no doubt that it’s time to change the way that women think, feel, and speak about money. Women need to know that they can be empowered around money, and they can have a better relationship with money.

Being an entrepreneur is a roller coaster of fear and excitement.

In different stages of your business, different things will scare you, but what scares you today won’t scare you in the future because it will be a normal part of your business. The good and bad news is, there’s always going to be something new to scare you.

5 things that need to change about the way that women view money are:

  1. How women think about money
  2. How women feel about money
  3. How women speak about money
  4. Women’s empowerment around money
  5. Women’s relationship with money

A few common challenges that women face when starting to make their own money are:

  • Setting boundaries with clients
  • Fearing being seen as a greedy person
  • Feeling guilty over their success

Women are afraid that clients won’t like them if they charge the client, push back on things, say no, or even ask them for the sale.

Women fear their clients thinking they are greedy because it’s sometimes so ingrained in women that we want to be likeable. Although we don’t have to be greedy to get ahead in business, we do have that fear.

One of the biggest challenges for women in this generation when starting a business is the feeling of guilt especially when compared to their parents or grandparents generation. Times are changing. Things are different.

Some women also struggle with the guilt of working from home while their partner has to go to work every day at a job they don’t necessarily enjoy.

So here are some practical steps to manifesting income in your business:

(1) Track all of the money that’s coming into your life. This is different from accounting in that it’s about awareness and appreciation. You’ll be able to see where aspects of your life are creating abundance, and you might find that you’ve been achieving your money goals without even being aware of it.

(2) Track every bit of value that comes into your life. For example, if you are good at manifesting free things, such as people giving you coffee all of the time, track that. Tracking those values will do two things. First, you’ll gain appreciation and realize how abundant you really are, which brings about gratitude. Gratitude is life-changing and can change your mental and emotional states. When your mental and emotional states are high, you can take practical action. You'll also realize that you might be receiving value but not allowing yourself to receive actual money. Just the awareness can be enough to shift that ratio of value-to-money.

(3) A lot of energy can go into trying to get things for free. When you realize that you’re doing that, you can redirect your energy to go into a receiving mode. You might start stacking up ideas about new business ventures, or you might become more practical about sending out invoices and doing other things to bring in your money. It frees up mental space and energy so other ideas can come.

In changing where your energy is going, you will also change who your energy is attracting, and you’ll stop attracting those who are trying to get free stuff from you, too. 

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