How to create a wildly successful 'lifestyle' business

How to create a wildly successful 'lifestyle' business

Finding out if your business is in alignment with you and your future is as easy as making a decision today, going within and checking the feelings and emotions associated with where you are and where you are going.

Deep down in your stomach, you'll always know if something doesn’t feel right. Even if you're making 6 or 7 figures a year, if you look at your business and if it doesn’t feel 110% awesome, then something in there is out of alignment.

The shift

I decided to shift and change business-wise from hiding behind my brand for and computer to stepping into my own personal brand as Arabelle Yee showing people that anything is absolutely possible and I shifted everything online.

When my clients have an alignment problem, they can fix it by being honest with themselves and asking themselves what they really want. Don’t get wrapped up in the how. Get started with the WHAT. 

>> Action: Journaling or even taking time for yourself and ask "What does the future version of me / my business look like?. If it were already done, what did I do to get here?"

Law of Manifestation

The Law of Manifestation state that the thing with the highest emotional charge is the thing that is going to manifest. It’s not the thing with the best action plan or the most detailed steps of how to go about things. Trust in yourself and trust in the process, and if you are having trouble figuring it out, hire a coach.

>> Action: Where are you spending most of your thoughts and energy on? Where is your biggest emotional charge? Where your focus goes, your energy will flow. 


People think that I've got it all figured out which is far from the truth. I haven't figured everything out. In fact, I'm still learning and growing. It's a life-long journey.

But I work with a team of mentors and coaches. Hiring a coach wasn’t always easy or convenient, and I didn’t always have the money for it just sitting around, but I made it happen. Even if you are a coach, even if you are the best coach in the world, you still have blind spots and still need someone looking in and helping. It’s very difficult to do it yourself.

The times when I needed a coach the most were the times that I didn’t have money! But I still made it happen. I took out loans, maxed out credit cards, and did whatever it took to get myself a coach. That helped motivate me to get a result, because I couldn’t afford to not get a result.

It catapulted me into action.

Everyone is motivated by a sliding scale of pleasure and pain. When you have a goal, it’s so pleasurable and so exciting, with a high emotional charge. When that is paired with the pain of being in debt and having no choice but to get out of it, really powerful things will happen.

>> Action: Check in with yourself: Where do I need most support in my business right now? Which is my weakest link e.g. Marketing, Sales, Handling sales objections, etc.

Creating a Personal Brand Presence Online

There are three key elements to creating a presence online with your personal brand.

  1. You must be clear on your message.
  2. You must be visible to get your message out there. Show up and share your message on social media daily.
  3. You must offer people a product to buy. Having a range of products from low-end to high-end allows you to meet people exactly where they are.

If you nail these three things, everything else will flow.

Getting clear on your message

The first step of creating your personal brand online will come when everything is in alignment. This is about doing an internal mindset work on a daily basis. 


The second step is visibility. Be everywhere. You might love Facebook, but your community might hang out on Twitter. You can simplify by sending the same information out to multiple platforms, but you must show up on all of them, so that wherever people hang out, they know they can access you there regularly.

A Range of Products

The third step to creating your personal brand online is to have products. People pay proportionately to how close they are to you. A lower-end product might be selling a weekly video, while a higher-end product would be 1-on-1 interaction.


I have a range of products in both Transformational Coaching and Business Coaching where I've positioned them at various price points so that people from various levels can join.  

  • At the low price point, I'm offering an 8-week Transformational Group Coaching Program for $197 (currently running) which will be available as a self-study course in April 2017. This is an amazing program that is creating profound shifts in people's lives where they get to step into their authentic selves, boost confidence and step up as empowered and visionary leaders. 
  • For the middle of her product range, I offers short but intensive online courses for $997. They are five-week courses and accelerate your business and success mindset.
  • For $1,779, I offer a VIP Day Intensive which is a full 1-day immersion one-on-one for those who want to implement with speed, get actions fast and get things done quick.
  • For the high-end products, I offer high-level mentoring for $15,000 for 12 months. 

The Secret Sauce to Success

People always ask me what's the secret. I say, there's no secret. It's just about figuring out who you are and what you want to do, get into alignment, and get to work!