Behind The Scenes of Running Sold-Out Events and Workshops

Behind The Scenes of Running Sold-Out Events and Workshops

A while ago I asked who would be interested in learning about running successful and sold out events. Many of you said you’d like to know. 

So let me share some of the ‘behind the scene’ things that go on before everyone sees the final product. 

First of all I LOVE running workshops and events. I’m in my element once I’m out there speaking. I get to be in a room full of likeminded people and soaking in the collective energy that’s electric. I cry, laugh, scream and transform together with the room. 

Here’s the thing, what a lot of people show online are just the snippets of the event - before it starts; a few chairs may be, excited faces, flowers and during the event; lots of people, pick good photos and after the event; all smiley group photos. 

I get it. I’ve done that before. 

But I’ve been hiding this part from you all. So today, I’m revealing all of it. 

You ready? 

  1. Setting up events or workshops are not as fun as you think.
  2. It requires a lot of organisational skills, connections and most importantly patience!
  3. You’ll probably have many sleepless nights and may even get palpitations from checking the email how many tickets are sold. 
  4. Learning how to ask for help and putting the pride on the side is a big thing!
  5. Throwing everything onto the wall and hoping something would stick is NOT a good strategy. 
  6. Pretending to be all excited while feeling extremely stressed out and nervous doesn’t feel nice. 
  7. Learning how the backend systems work so you don’t spend 24/7 doing manual admin work.
  8. LOTS of content creation prior to the event.
  9. Squeezing the brain unless no drops of creative juices left to write emails and marketing materials.
  10. Creating step by step checklist for yourself and everyone else who are there to support so people in the team don’t kill each other.

Now, these are just the Top 10 I can think of. I could probably come up to 100. And you might ask, “WTF Arabelle! Then why are you running events?”

The answer is simple. 

Just because I get to create a space where lives get changed, just because I’m doing what inspires me the most and what lights me up deeply from within…. doesn’t mean that it’s all going to be rainbows, sunshines and unicorns. Just because we’re living in alignment doesn’t mean things will always be in flow. 

Like they say, “It’s not about what you do when you’re successful, it’s about how you show up when things are tough”

I LOVE EVENTS! Period. The feeling I get my chest when I see people break down and receive breakthroughs is nothing comparable to when I first made multiple 6-figure! 

  • It’s an expression of my authentic self.
  • It’s a confirmation of my existence. 
  • It’s the proof that I’m doing something right. 
  • It’s a sign that I’m a vessel channeling what’s coming through me. 
  • It’s the symbol of my commitment. 
  • It’s an assurance that I’m always being guided and supported… when I listen. 

So there you go. I’ll probably run a full training on events if there’s enough interest. 

But talking about the events, I’m running one of my last workshops in Perth at the end of Nov. It’s called Awaken Your Greatness Within. We’re going to be covering: 

  1. Your soul’s purpose - Creating a deep connection with self, reconnecting with the reason why you’re here and manifest your true desires. 
  2. Tapping into intuition - Activating your innate abilities to listen to your heart and soul so you are guided by your wisdom and not by fears. 
  3. Connecting to life force - Awakening your life force, your breath, through one of the oldest form of ancient practices so you can heal, ground and get clarity. 
  4. Mastering the archetypes - Tapping into your inherent leadership abilities so you are mastering your mind and not the mind mastering you. This in turn allows you to speak your truth, show up authentically and connect with those around you from the heart. 
  5. Integration - Immersing into your profound shifts and embodying them on a cellular level so not only do you create deep subconscious healing, you also accelerate your growth, raise your energetic vibration, increase your level of manifestation and become the change you want to see in the world.

Only warning is… join us only if you’re being called to make that shift. It’s going to be profound. 

Here’s the link to register for the Perth Workshop.