What if you're the one who's in the way?

If you know me, I'm all about experiencing, going to the deep ends, failing, learning, living and teaching what I've learned along the way. 

I'm not a guru. In fact, I'm still a life-long student just like you. 

I do deep inner work through several different modalities on a regular basis. I've gone to the amazon jungle, spent time with the Shamans, Spiritual Leaders, Business Leaders, Change Makers and Thought Leaders.

I sit in the chairs of deep transformational workshops every month. I invest 80% of my income in my self and spiritual development. 

So in one of my meditations, which sometimes last anywhere from 4 - 10 hours, I learned one thing about myself. 

I wasn't open to receive. 

I'm all about giving. I love giving away constantly whether it's my content that I take hours to create, help to others, replying to emails, giving free advice or even love. 

But then in my meditation, I realised that I didn't have the capacity to receive therefore, every time I was being given something, I had to make sure I give back something in return. For example, 

  • A friend of mine gave me a lift from a country side where I was traveling recently to a place with reception for me to do my coaching calls. She helped me out of love but I insisted on paying for her fuel.

  • A friend would buy me something and I made sure I give something back in equivalent.

  • I might be starving but I would still say No because I didn't want my friend to cook food for me.

See the problem here is, this plays out in every area of my life. I was blocking the flow of abundance and my capacity to receive because of the false beliefs: 

  • I'd be selfish to receive it

  • I'd be selfish if I don't do something equivalent back

  • I'd be selfish to take it

  • People would think I'm greedy

  • I didn't feel worthy of someone doing it for me

  • But most importantly, I've done so many things and gone through so many challenges on my own that I forgot what it's like to be taken care of.

Although on a surface, I may say things like "I'm independent" "I don't need anyone's help".. what I'm really doing is I wasn't allowing the other person to feel good about him or herself and I was stopping the goodness of life to flow through to me. 

It's all about reframing the beliefs.

Today, I'm making it a daily reminder that by expanding my capacity to receive, not only am I helping the other person feel good about herself, I'm also helping myself to increase my self-worth and self-love. It's not about being greedy but it's really about growing together. 

So my question to you is, where are you blocking the greatness or abundance from flowing to you in your life? What if you're the one who's in the way of your success, happiness and freedom?

xo Arabelle