16 Signs That It’s Time To Let Go

Many times in our lives, we get stuck in a situation where we feel that’s the only option available to us.

Of course it’s the story that we’ve convinced ourselves to believe but like 2+2=4, 6-2=4, 3+1=4, there are so many ways to get to four; meaning there’s so many ways to get to where we want to be.

However to get to where we want to be, sometimes we need to let go of the old that don’t serve us anymore. We’re constantly growing, changing and evolving - if we choose to be. Like we have grown out of the dress we bought five years ago, we may have also grown out of our jobs, relationships or business. On the other hand, the situation we’re in may no longer serve us or worse, may even be holding us back from stepping into our true happiness, freedom or greatness. 

Deep down we know that our intuition is telling us that it’s time to let it all go but again, we’re convincing ourselves out of fear that we must stay. We feel uncertain about the next move and we’re unsure if we should make that move or if we should just be safe and stay. 

So if you’re in that situation and here are 16 signs that may help you to make a decision if it’s time to let go. 

  1. The light in you has dimmed or completely gone.
  2. You’re staying where you are with the hope that it will get better one day…some day.
  3. You feel like the situation is sucking the life out of you every single day.
  4. You convince yourself that there’s nothing better for you out there than the current situation.
  5. You’re being expected or forced to be someone you’re not.
  6. You’re forcing yourself to be where you are right now but every cell of your being is telling you to go.
  7. You’re staying where you are because you’re comfortable and familiar with the situation. 
  8. You’re staying only because you’re scared of the unknown.
  9. You feel that you are obligated to stay.
  10. You’re being unheard or disrespected.
  11. You’re not given a chance to speak up or express yourself.
  12. You’re being held back from growing into a person you want to be.
  13. You don’t trust in the situation, the person you’re with or even yourself anymore.
  14. You’re forced to sacrifice your happiness, values and what’s most important to you in life.
  15. The situation you’re in gives you more pain than joy.
  16. You’re feeling extremely resentful where you are now.

Of course these pointers are not be-all and end-all and we must use our intuition to make a decision. However, one thing I can say is letting go is part of life and it's the courage we must grow in order to truly step into our happiness, freedom and greatness. 

xx Arabelle


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