How I went through 5 days without eating: My water-fasting experience

Are you out of your mind? You’re going to die!

Yes, that’s some of the things that some people told me when I declared that I was going to do 5-days water fasting. But the thing is, I’m writing this blog post, happy, healthy and feeling better than ever. 


Water fasting is a process you go through days without eating food but just live on water. The food that we eat have so much toxins, whether vegetables or meat. Imagine the chemicals they use to grow food and inject in animals to meet the consumer demand. 

And our organs are working everyday without getting a rest. Our liver is a filter that we forget to cleanse. Even the car filters, air-con filters or washing machine filters at home needs cleaning from time to time. Imagine, how much we have made our bodies worked throughout our life without really giving them a chance to reset. 

Then there’s the mental process we have to go through. We’re so dependent on food. We’ve been made to believe that we can’t survive without food. No we can’t if we don’t do it properly but I know people who haven’t eaten for months, if not years, and living their life to the fullest - healthy, happy and strong. Even medical doctors can’t explain how. So water fasting really allows us to be present in our body, mind and spirit showing us that we’re more than our physical bodies and when the mind conceives, the body really achieves. 


So basically, I did water fasting for physical, emotional and spiritual cleanse. I’m always looking for ways to evolve to another level as a human being. It’s not about proving or challenging myself, but it’s more about understanding and getting connected to my mind, body and spirit more. 

As you might probably know, I’m a very spiritual person but at the same time, I live in the business world working with thousands of people even in just last year alone. I’m oscillating between the two worlds and in order for me to serve fully, share my knowledge and change lives, I need to live what I teach. I’m a big believer that I need to learn it and live it before I share it. 


Day 1

I set the intention of the water fast. Intention is the most important thing in everything that we do. Without the intention, it’s like we’re sailing our ship without a rudder. I wrote down my intention and here’s what it says:

I’m more than what I think I am. I fully commit to putting only water in my body for the next 5 days and I fully embrace whatever shows up during this journey. I am safe. I trust my body. I will not cheat. I’m going through this process to cleanse myself of all the old habits and patterns, so I can continue to do what I do best without anything holding me back. And once I get to the other side, I will inspire others that they too can achieve anything that they set their mind to

After that the first day was easy. I had a light smoothie and a glass of water. 

Day 2

It was still easy. I had 2 glasses of juice (carrot + nectarine) for the day. I worked and it was almost a normal day. 

Day 3

I started to think about food. I’m not a foodie but I was paying attention to my mind and I notice how I’ve started to crave for food. I’ve stopped eating meat such as pork, lamb and beef for 3 years now but on Day 3 I wanted all of them! I noticed that I was a bit restless and couldn’t really focus. But I meditated. Go to the park, stayed under the sun, spent time with my dog in nature and played my shamanic drum. 

Day 4

The hardest day. I woke up light-headed, weak and emotional. I continued to spend time in nature; I went to the park and the beach. I meditated and rested a lot. I even watched a crappy TV show! But I noticed, I was distracting myself from my thoughts because all my thoughts were about food. 

Then what hit me the hardest was I thought about cheating. There was a bag of chips sitting across me. I told myself that if I cheated now, nobody would know. I got up and reached the bag of chips. 

Then the moment of awareness came in - “If I cheat, nobody would know. But I would know. It’s my own integrity that I’ll be breaking” then I dropped the bag of chips and went back to the couch. You see, how we do anything is how we do everything in our lives. Once is never once. If I cheated that time, I will cheat again with another chip. 

I noticed how the mind wanted to play tricks on me telling me that it’s ok to break, it’s ok not to go through this, why am I doing this to myself, I want to be happy and to be happy is to stop this now and eat. Then I realised, it wasn’t about will power. This was a test - a test to see how congruent I am with the things I do and say, a test to see if I’m capable to live my values so that I can go out and impact millions of people, a test to verify if I’m congruent with my decisions and if I’m the person who’s ready to inspire and empower many out there. 

That was awareness. And that awareness alone changed everything. I did break down and cry. I was emotional. Food is a very emotional thing that we do. It’s very automatic. It’s something we depend on. It’s an attachment. There’s no freedom because we’re relying on something else to live and to be happy. 

Then I calmed down and I decided to just rest for the day. 

Day 5

I woke up and felt like I could conquer the world. I played some music and I danced! I was full of energy. Last day! I made it but more importantly, I was so in tune with my body, mind and spirit. It was the kind of happiness I could never buy with money. 

I decided to test myself again. I went to the grocery store and as I walked past all the shops, the smell of all the delicious food and fruits were so strong like I’ve never smelled them before. They were yelling “eat me! eat me!”. So I decided to buy some fruits and a loaf of bread. 

A loaf of bread! Boy! A bread has never smelled that good! I hugged the bread and I took in the freshly baked smell with one breath and then I told myself “You are more than your physical body and desires”. And no I didn't eat it!

At 5pm of Day 5, I was able to start having some juice. Then on Day 6, I could start having fruits and then on Day 7, I started eating that bread. The best bread I’ve ever had in my life. 


It really depends on what you’d like to achieve out of it. Like I mentioned before, intention is everything. But the question is “Should you do it without proper supervision?” 

I personally know people who’ve been on longer fast - 10 days, 2 weeks, 3 months without any supervision but I would suggest that if you’re doing this for the first time, please do it with a professional. For me, I did it with a friend of mine who is a Water Fasting Specialist and here’s a link to his website if you’re interested. He will also be able to explain and articulate in more details about energy, physiology and how our bodies adapt to changes. 

Finally here are somethings that might help you prepare if you choose to do it. 

  • Emotions - you can never prepare for the emotions but believing that if you set your mind to it, your body can achieve it will really help you through the process. 
  • Food in the house - if you have food lying around in the house and in the fridge, it will tempt you to cheat. If you know that you won’t, it’s ok to keep them. Otherwise I would suggest you clear everything before you start. 
  • Water - Filtered water is a must as your body needs to thrive with clean water.
  • Toothpaste - The toothpastes that we use have fluoride which is bad for our health. Our gum, tongue and the mouth is part of our organs that absorbs the toxins that we put in our body. Since water fasting, I’ve been using sodium bicarb which is a baking soda we use for baking. It works wonders and I love it a lot. 

So I can keep on talking about water fasting but to sum it up, I did it 5 days before my BIG talk and I even thought it was a silly idea but it turned out, with everything else that I’ve been doing in my self and spiritual development journey, combining with this I rocked my talk to hundreds of women. They cried and laughed with me. I was on fire. I delivered what I wanted to say with congruence, authenticity and integrity. 

I can only say that, if you’re on the path to inspire and empower others, do the inner work - however long it takes or hard it is because you can only take people to the depths of life only as far as you’ve been. 

I hope this was a useful post. Leave your comments and I would love to hear from you. 

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