How To Interview Influencers

For the past one year, I've been able to surround myself with influencers in the industry who has helped me expand my reach, spread my message and helped me with my personal growth. 

And over the last few months, I've been receiving emails requests from many people asking me how to do the same and what are the steps. So below, I'll break it down for you. 


I started interviewing them because I wanted to learn from them and by doing interviews, I could learn together with you, my tribe. However, within a short period time, I started to gain so much more simply because I came from a place of service, authenticity and being really genuine about helping them. So here are the benefits;

  • You get exposure. You get to pick their brain and learn from them that you won't normally be able to do even if you were to meet them at their event or in a shopping mall. 
  • You position yourself as an authority. They already have a following and credibility. When they share your interview with them, you automatically gain that credibility with their audience IF you do it right. 
  • You get to reach more and spread your message. If you're starting out, you might not have a big reach. By interviewing them, you automatically get a bigger audience to whom you can share your message. 
  • You gain confidence. Confidence comes from taking action. The more you speak with the influencers, the more you'll get good at speaking to people at their level. 
  • You get amazing opportunities that you've never thought of. If you're a good interviewer, if you do this from your heart authentically and if you show willingness, they will help you so much more with your life and business. 



Obviously, you need to research who you want to interview, why you want to interview and how you are going to interview them. There might be people who you've been following for a while and you want to approach them so you can learn from them, build relationship with them and share their knowledge with your tribe. The thing is, who you approach need to be relevant to your business and your audience. 

Secondly, you need to share similar values as well. I never invite people for interview who only care about money. Everyone on my Collective Alchemy podcast show are conscious, heart-centred and soulful business owners who have done their inner work and now out there sharing their light. So what are your values? What values do you look for in the people you want to interview? 

Lastly, how are you going to interview them? Video? Audio? Make sure you're clear about what you're going to do before you approach them. 


Once you know who, what and how, now is the time to approach them. The best way is to email them but keep the email short and succinct. Nobody has the time to read 2-pages emails. I've been receiving tons of email requests and sometimes I do want to get in touch with some of them but I forget because I'm also busy. So put yourself in their shoes. So here's the sample email you can send for you to have an idea. 

Hi (name), 

I've been following your work for a while and I myself have been implementing what you teach and have seen amazing results in my life and business.

I'm writing to you to let you know that I'd like to bring you onto my (interview series name) so I could help you share your message to my tribe. I also notice that you've recently written a book and I would absolutely love to promote it to my tribe as well. 

The interview will be done via skype and will take about 30 mins. Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you soon. 


(your name)


To do a successful interview, you need to be fully prepared (Note: not perfect but fully prepared with what you have). So here are the software and equipments that I use. 


  • Acuity Scheduling - Your virtual admin assistant! Works great if you're in different time zones. Removes the pain of having to the scheduling, converting times, rescheduling, sending reminders and recording their email address. It's only around $10 a month and I HIGHLY recommend this. Click here to get your own scheduler
  • Ecamm Call Recorder for Skype - It record both audio and video. Great for interviews. It records split screen as well. See below for what it looks like. 


  • Camera - If you have a good camera, use it. Otherwise your mobile phone will do. That's what I use. 
  • Lights - They diffuse the harsh light on your face and you can also remove the parts so you can carry it around if you have to. 

Click here to get the lights

  • Microphone - I use two types of microphones depending on where I use it. For podcasts, I use this microphone because it's great at what it does for the price. It sits perfectly on my desk and it's a great little thing. 

Click here to get the microphone

For videos where I want to step back and stay a bit further from the camera, I use this one because the chord allows me to go far from the camera while maintaining the sound quality.