What are you most scared of?

One of my all time favourite quotes is “The only thing that we’re most afraid to face is ourselves”.

Since young, I’ve had a different interest in life. Since about 12, when all the other girls were interested in boys and beauty, I was interested in philosophy and psychology. The first book I ever bought was a self-help philosophical book. I remember I used to underline with blue on the sentences that I really liked, highlight with yellow on the sentences that I didn’t understand and I would go back to the same book many times over the years, learning new things as I started to understand about life. 

I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life learning about psychology, human behaviour, philosophy & spirituality through books and through my own personal direct experiences. Not only have I read books and attended seminars, I’ve spent time with and learned from spiritual leaders, gurus, hippies, neuroscientists, geoscientists and teachers. 

I’ve spent time in meditation centres, retreats and deep in the amazon jungle where I was isolated from people and spent nights alone in complete darkness in the jungle surrounded by nothing but spiders the size of my face, insects and animals that scared the life out of me that got me unlock so many levels of transformation and consciousness. 

I’m glad I pushed my own limits and made myself do things that scared me. 

I believe that in order to live my purpose, to learn, to grow and to teach, I have to do the work myself first. I love to walk my talk and go to the deepest part of my psyche to find out fragmented parts of me that I wouldn’t be able to find out just by reading or sitting in classes. 

In that process, I have come to face the parts of me that was wounded, damaged, strong, wise and loving. I was able to embrace all part of me, let go of things that didn’t serve me and tap into the infinite potential that resided within me. 

Here’s the thing, YOU also have all those parts within you - the wounded, damaged, not-so confident, strong, wise and loving. It’s about doing the deep work to uncover and unlock so you can be the best version of yourself. 

Here’s what I found…

  • Our beliefs drive —> our thoughts.

  • Our thoughts drive —> our emotions.

  • Our emotions drive —> our behaviours.

  • And our behaviours create —> our reality.

So here’s an example. 

  • Belief - I’m not good enough (because you were told when you were young that your friends are better)

  • Thoughts - "I won’t be able to do. If I do it, I’ll make a fool of myself"

  • Emotions - Fear, sadness

  • Behaviour - Not taking action. Fear stopping you from doing things you want to do. Making excuses.

  • Reality - Living a life that’s not aligned to your purpose, unhappy, blaming others, relationships breakdown, etc.

That’s why I believe that in order to not feel that you’re just living a mediocre life and asking what am I doing with my life, the only way for us to tap into our genius and infinite potential is to willingly do the deep self-development work.

There’s no shortcut. It’s not easy. It may challenge you but it’s worth it. Because once you start this journey, you are stepping into your inspired and charged life. 

Be charged, 
Arabelle xx

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