Secret sauce to finding your purpose

Secret sauce to finding your purpose

If you’re like me or many other people, you may be secretly questioning what your purpose in life is, what you’re here to do and why you’re even here on earth. Surely, it’s not just to grow older, have wrinkles, get your heart broken, deal with all the stresses in life, work your bum off so you can enjoy retirement at 60. 

Right? Well, I had asked myself that question so many times.

I had read hundreds of articles and attended personal development seminars. I felt pumped and motivated every time but it didn’t last long… because I hadn’t really found the answer to that question. 

Until I realised this. 

In my previous blog post, I said I wasn’t living my life in alignment. In alignment to my purpose. The definition of purpose is the objective, the intention and the REASON why we do things. 

From my work of speaking to and working with thousands of people worldwide, I noticed one thing that shocked me. Many people don’t know what their purpose in life is. 

Life without a purpose is like a ship without an engine.

There’s nothing pushing us to grow, to move forward and to wake up every morning with inspiration. So in my search for truth and purpose in life, this is what I realised. It’s so simple yet but it’s not that simple. And here it is.

Your purpose in life is directly proportionate to what your highest values in life. And your highest values are what you perceive to be most important at this point in your life.

Here are my Top 3 highest values in life: 

  1. Personal Growth (to learn, to grow, to live it and share it so I can empower others to live an inspired life) , 
  2. Business Growth (doing what I love, making a living from it and using it as a vehicle to make an impact), 
  3. Lifestyle (surrounding myself with beauty and comfort so I can be creative and enjoy life with people I love) 

Now that I know they are my top 3 highest values, that becomes my purpose in life. So everyday, I ask myself;  Is what I’m doing now aligned to my top 3 values? Is what I’m doing everyday empowering me because if not, I’ll get overpowered by things that don’t inspire me.

That way, I’m living an inspired life by consciously listening to my intuition, following my internal guidance system and choosing only to do the things that inspire me. And to learn to ignore the outside noises of other people’s opinions - how I should live my life and how to fit into the society. 

Because at the end of the day, I realise that my highest value is to make a difference and to make a difference, I need to think differently. Now I want to hear from you - what are your top 3 values in life? Is what you're doing every day contributing to your highest values? Do you feel like you're living your life in alignment with your purpose? 


This is what I practise daily and what I teach to my clients. If you’re also wanting to live an inspired life, knowing exactly what your purpose and get unstuck in your life, watch my free training how to get unstuck here

Arabelle is a writer, lover of life and adventurer. Goes by the official titles of International Speaker, Life & Business Strategist and Clinical Psychotherapist.

Born as a buddhist, taught in ancient indigenous wisdom, trained in modern healing modalities and naturally curious about life, Arabelle teaches, writes and speaks about all things Mindset, Leadership, Personal Development and Business startups. 

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