19 Ideas for Facebook Live Streaming

Whether you’re starting a business, wanting to increase engagement with your audience, increase sales or create awareness of the new movement you’re starting, one of the best ways to connect, engage, relate, influence, impact and a large number of audience is through Facebook Live Stream.

This is also one of the best ways to become more visible in your field because even if you have the best product, service or offerings available, if nobody knows where you are, you can’t help them. Then the next things my clients usually say is “I don’t know what to say!!” so to overcome that excuse, here are 19 Facebook Live Stream Ideas for you to get started.

  1. Celebrations - Birthdays, parties, milestone achievements, anything really! Celebrate with your audience!

  2. Facebook Live Party - If you’re being a little creative, do a FB live party with your audience or stream a party that you’re at! The more the merrier right?

  3. Stream your event - When you run your own event, stream away! Everyone should see you in your zone of genius!

  4. Announce your upcoming event - Pretty simple yes?

  5. Launch your book / product / services - You got cool things coming up? Go onto live stream, share, teach and then launch your new stuff.

  6. Review / share someone else’s book - If you like reading books, this is a good way to share your knowledge with others.

  7. Host a live interview - Bring an expert or someone who your audience can learn from and do a live interview. Scary? Yes but it’s so much fun!

  8. Live Q&A - This is the best way to engage with your audience. Set up a theme of what the Q&A for the day will be and get them to ask Qs to you. A great way to position yourself as an authority in your field.

  9. Teach a live class - Got something you can teach? Why not teach it live like a classroom so your audience can ask you Qs and learn from you directly. There’s a personal touch.

  10. Quick how-to videos - Straightforward yeah?

  11. Ask me anything - Love love love this! Very similar to Live Q&A but this one can go everywhere. The most important thing is, as the host, you need to control where the conversation goes.

  12. Discuss your blog post - Wrote a recently blog post? Repurpose your content. Discuss about it live.

  13. Discuss your opinion on a certain topic - Got an opinion on why people dye dog hair? Go onto live and discuss 😃

  14. Behind the scenes - Why do you think people love reality TV shows? It’s behind the scenes!

  15. Show where you’re at - Traveling, attending seminar, retreat or something interesting? Take your audience with you.

  16. Cooking - Who doesn’t love cooking videos? Make sure you don’t burn anything!

  17. Unbox a new product - You got a product you’re selling? Unbox it. You got a new product you bought for yourself? Unbox it with your audience. Everyone likes a little surprise and unboxing things.

  18. Meet the team - A great way to show off your team and also for them to feel acknowledged.

  19. FAQs - This one’s easy 😃

So there you go, 19 Ideas for your Facebook Live Stream. Now you've got no excuse not to do it. Just make sure when you do a live stream, you’re;

→ Engaging

→ Adding value

→ Show you’re human; be vulnerable

→ Relatable so that you can create that like and trust factor, and

→ Credible.

Happy streaming.

xx Arabelle