Are you creating a space for money to flow?

So today let’s talk about money. Such a favourite topic of many but it’s almost taboo in the society to want to make more money. 

First of all, money is energy. Trust me, EVERYTHING in life is energy. Relationships, success, abundance… EVERYTHING is energy. Meaning it’s transferable. You can feel it and it can feel you. 

So first thing first, money is also about beliefs. And when I say beliefs, they are beliefs because they live in your deep subconscious mind. Most of the time, if you don’t do the work to find out what beliefs are really driving your actions and behaviours everyday, you won’t even know they are there. 

So… if you’re in a place where you don’t have enough money, you’re always in debt and you’re always stressing out about money, think about this.. 

  • Are you thinking, you having more money means someone’s gonna have less?
  • Are you thinking you having more means people around you will feel small and you will feel guilty?
  • Are you thinking that to make more money, you really have to work so hard?. 

Even worse, if you have thoughts like

  • "People with money are evil”
  • ”I don’t deserve to get what I want”
  • ”I’ll just wait for the rich man to find me”, then definitely you’re telling yourself subconsciously that you are not capable or you don’t deserve money. 

When you believe that the rich will get richer and the struggling people will always struggle, that belief could potentially have put yourself in that bucket of the struggling people. How do you think that will wire your brain about money? 

Also here’s the thing, money is energy so when you think about money, are you always just thinking about the negatives? for example, do you dread paying bills and say things like “Omg, not another stupid bill I have to pay?” … what if we actually start to appreciate bills that “I can afford to pay the bills”? 

For money to come to you, you have to first create a space energetically for it to want to flow to you. All your thoughts, words, language and vibrations need to align to the energy of money. If you pretend to say nice things about money… for example… you’re working on this process and...

  • You say out loud “Thank you for the bills” but in the back of your mind you say “nottttt” …
  • Consciously you say “I deserve $50 grand” and in the back of your mind you say “Yeah right! How am I gonna make that?” ...
  • Consciously you say “I’m grateful for the job that I have because it’s making me money” but in the back of your mind you say “this is so stupid… why am I even saying things that I don’t believe in”….

Right? It’s all about intention and truly appreciating it because if you’re energetically not aligned to abundance, money can’t come to you. 

Now, when you see others making a lot of money, do you say “Oh wow great” but you don’t really mean it and you can’t help but feel jealous or even worse resentful? The thing is, as long as we have those negative vibrations attached to money, it can’t come to you. 

Now most of the rich people do get richer because internally they BELIEVE that they deserve the money. They don’t think they can’t make money.. they BELIEVE that they can so they make more money. 

So the key here is to be really honest about how we feel about money, what negative thoughts and words you’re using to describe your capability to attract money and how you really really feel about others making money and whether or not you truly deserve it. 

This stuff works. Trust me. Energetic work.. works because everything is about alignment. Everything is about how we internally operates in our minds gets projected out into the world. 

The only problem is people try these techniques for about 2 weeks and they stop. They give up too soon. If you were to win olympics, would you train for 2 weeks and hope for it to win? 

Finally, when you say you want to make more money, are you thinking of making more money or thinking of spending more money? Because most of the time when people say they want to create wealth, they’re actually internally thinking about spending it. 

So remember, money is energy and for it to want to come to you, you must first create that space emotionally and energetically within you. Ohhhh and also remember… that anything is absolutely possible. 

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