How do you move forward when you're stuck?

What do you do when you’re stuck?
What do you do when you’re unsure? 
When do you do when you’re transitioning in life from one phase to the next? 
How do you find your own way? 

In those moments, we tend to look around, we compare and we see other people being busy, posting social-media perfect photos (behind the scenes: they actually take 100 photos to get one good picture!) ... and we panic. 

We panic that we should also be doing something. We panic that if we don't keep up, we're going to miss out. FOMO. Fear of mission out. 

Then the whole process of comparison, self-doubt, overwhelm, frustration and victim-consciousness kicks in. 

We then pack our life up with all the things that make us busy; gym, groceries, running around not actually knowing what we're doing - but are we really being productive or just pretending to be busy? 

How do you move forward in times of uncertainty? 

What do you do when your internal guidance system, your GPS, is telling you to go a certain direction when LOGIC can’t explain it? 

What do you do when you heart wants to take you somewhere when your brain is stopping it? 

When I finished high school, I got into medical school. I was the high-achiever. (Well still am, just a bit older!) You are the average of the 5 people around you, right? So my friends were all high achievers. They seemed to have it all figured their life out; I'm going to be a doctor, an engineer, a teacher and so on. But I decided not to apply medical school. 

As a result, I felt a little lost. I felt like I didn't have the direction or solid commitment in life like my friends. 

So in order to prove my worth, I chased career, money and status which I achieved all of that. 

Until of course, when I was lying in the hospital bed and had a near-death experience. 

That's when none of those things matter to me anymore and I asked myself "What would really make my life worth living? What should I do to feel fulfilment and meaning in my life?"

Of course, I didn't have the big idea of "I'm going to become a doctor" back then but what seemed to be an insignificant idea of starting my career path, led me to another idea, another idea, another idea which eventually led me where I am today. 

I'm not after fame, money or success. I'm after impact, alignment and meaning. 

So my advice to you today is, even if you feel stuck, take that step. Implement that idea. Start something. Or finish what you started. 

Because you might not have the big idea now but whatever step you take or whatever idea you have now will eventually lead you to your path. 

They key is to step that step. 

You can't stand in front of your house and scream that I'm not at my neighbour's house. Of course you're not there yet because you're not evening taking the step. You're just screaming "I'm not there" by not moving. 

So just because everyone else around you seems to have it together (trust me they don’t) doesn't mean that you have to be like them. Just because everyone says so, doesn’t mean it’s your life path. 

Here's to taking that step because universe is waiting to open the next door for you, 
Arabelle xx

How would your life change if you’re so charged up that you can smash through any blocks that’s in the way from where you are now to where you want to be? 

Being charged in Life is about saying no to the outside noises and saying YES to your inner voice. It’s about aligning yourself with the universe that your thoughts become things.

It’s about rewiring your brain in a way that you can’t help but be open for opportunities that you never thought existed.

It’s about doing the personal development work with a high dose of scientific research, emotional work, spiritual techniques and inner work tools. 

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