Is it aligned to your soul?

Let's have a real talk. A raw, real and authentic one. Are you chasing the fame, popularity and numbers in your life?

I mean, I see so many playing the numbers game; how many followers they have on social media, how big their list is, how many connections they have on linkedin, how many cars they can buy, how much money they make, etc.

To me those numbers don't mean anything unless I'm making an impact.

People ask me, "When you speak how many people do you really think you can impact?" And I say "Well if I change someone's life, that's enough for me"

  • Because I'd rather have 10 people working with me intimately than trying to look big on social media.
  • Because I'd rather talk to 1 person who will make things happen than to 100 who will just make excuses why they can't do it.
  • Because I'd rather do something I love that's aligned to my SOUL than follow the trend that's completely out of my integrity.

Recently I had an opportunity to travel to the US to share the stage with big names... I mean I'm talking about people like Al Pacino, 50 Cents and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just like anyone would be, I was extremely excited. Imagine this, just ONE PHOTO with them will raise my profile - brand by association. I will get fame, popularity and most importantly publicity. I will probably make LOTS of money and make new connections in that world.

Then I sat down and really thought about it. And then I asked myself this question.

  • Is this aligned to my values?
  • Is this what I want?
  • How will this authentically make an impact in the world?
  • Am I saying that by doing this, I'll be able to reach a lot more people meaning I'll have a bigger impact?

No. No. No.

That's what came in during one of my meditations.

As much as I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity, I said no to myself. I'd rather stay home and create a completely NEW TRANSFORMATIONAL program in 2017 that will truly change people's lives - people who actually cares, people who vibe with me and people who are in alignment with my soul.

The question is, can I go to bed at night knowing that I lived another day in my integrity, aligned to my soul’s purpose and made a true impact to SOMEONE’s life.

So my question to you is, whatever you're chasing, is it aligned to your soul? Is it in your integrity? It's so easy to lie to even to ourselves and convince ourselves that we must chase the money, fame and numbers for whatever reason... but really... is it aligned to your soul?

Close your eyes, check in with yourself and the answer will pop up in your head.

Here's to our souls aligning and being in sync,

xx Arabelle


→ Get paid doing what you love while being authentically you?

→ Make a movement-creating and earth-shattering impact on the lives of people around you through your business? 

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