The Question That Changed My Life

The Question That Changed My Life

A few months into my newly started business, I bumped into someone I knew a long time ago back in the corporate world. She also happened to be one of the top Recruitment Managers in town. 

Imagine this - we sat in a beautiful cafe, the weather was perfect, the sun was out and I was having my favourite coconut Cappuccino and my favourite track was playing in the background. There I was feeling light and free in my new life (post-corporate days) as an entrepreneur and suddenly it happened. 

She said “I’ve got a role for you. It’s going to be more than what you earned before”. I was already making quite a lot in my previous role. 

At that time, I was only a few months into my new business. I was making no where near to my past income (or the newly offered income!). I had just started to find my feet in the unknown territory of starting a new business, putting one step forward each time and trying to figure out how to make it all happen. It was so easy to quit because I had only just started. 

I said I need 24 hours to think. I went back home, I talked to a few of my friends and of course all of them said, “You must take it! Are you crazy?! This isn’t even a question. You can build your business later”

You can build your business later?! Really?

This is the moment when I had to choose.

One option presenting me with certainty but against what my heart desires, the other presenting no clarity let alone certainty but my heart knew deep down that that was where I needed to go. 

I then took a moment to close my eyes, breathed and asked myself “If I’m alone on an island with a child who will have to fend herself because I’m dying, what would be my last piece of advice to her?"

The voice answered almost instantly - 
“Anything is absolutely possible. Make big decisions with your heart and small decisions with your head”

I then gathered my courage, called my friend and thanked her for the amazing offer but I said I must decline her offer this time. I could no longer just use logic and take the safe road.  

See, following your heart will never be easy because the next few days, I was beating myself up for declining what seemed like once-in-a-lifetime offer. 

However, had I accepted that offer, I would NOT be speaking to and working with thousands of people today, supporting my private clients in their life + business, sharing my life’s work and making the impact I’m fortunate enough to be making today. 

Key takeaways

When you follow your heart, you can only see one step ahead of you and then it leads to an idea which then leads to another idea… which eventually opens up a whole new world of possibilities that I never knew existed! 

Everyone around you will tell you what you should be doing with your life and business from their perspective but only your heart knows what’s best for you. 

That’s how I’ve been living my life and running my business. It hasn’t failed me. It definitely isn’t easy but it’s absolutely worth it. 

So if you're at the crossroads thinking where to go next, make big decisions with your heart and small decisions with your head. And if you're ready to step into your genius, find out what's holding you back and what actions you can start taking to be the best at what you do, you should check out Be Charged.Life.  It's an 8-weeks online self-study program. It's $3 a day! 

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