2015 Reflection: 7 Things I Learned In My Business This Year

2015 Reflection: 7 Things I Learned In My Business This Year

Have you heard of this saying “what you focus on expands”?

They’re not just empty words.

It’s about your energy. Your energy determines what you’re going to achieve today, tomorrow or the next three months. The thing is whenever I see other entrepreneurs, it’s almost like a trend where they have to talk about how stressed out and busy they are as if it’s a testimonial of how hard they've been working. So when your greeting becomes “Hi, I’m so stressed”, what’s going to happen next?

What you focus on expands.

Instead, why don’t we start saying “I’m excited. I have full of ideas. I’m confident. I’m full of energy”?

Another misconception is that many entrepreneurs think they have to be fully engaged in their business, in other words work 24/7 until they have a nervous breakdown to be successful. Even a car needs to stop to cool the engine down. You can’t run 24/7; that includes you thinking unnecessary thoughts even if you’re not working! It’s all about systematising and setting up a process so things run smooth.

When it comes to system, I used to go crazy on sales funnels and setting up all those complicated systems. Sure it was great but I was overdoing it for the nature of my business. Don’t complicate things. Yes, you do need a sales funnel in place. Yes, you need to have a few systems that are linked and working together but less is more. Keep it simple. No headache, less work and more results. 

It's also about creating that space where your mind can also cool down so your mind, body and spirit are in sync. That will help you communicate from a place of heart rather than stress. 

1. RSVP yourself

We go to events and weddings all the time. We put the date in the calendar. We make sure we have everything ready from getting the right outfit ready, booking a baby-sitter to getting other things scheduled around that date. Why do we not do that in our business? So set a time for your mini goal and work towards it. Plan the steps you need to take so you’re more structured in your approach. This is about time management and planning. Again, you don’t have to overthink; take your calendar out, mark the date, block out times that you’ll be working on each task and hold yourself accountable. 

2. Get connected

With social media and internet, it’s no doubt that we’re all too over connected and sometimes coming to a point of addiction. We tend to kid ourselves that we’re busy working on social media when in fact, we’re just scrolling the newsfeed reading link after link.

When was the last time you’re that connected to yourself?

If you look at the world as a whole, we’re all looking for answers. That’s why we watch videos, read posts and how-to blogs like this one. If you’re still reading till now, you’re either really bored or you must be looking for some answers. Sure, some of your answers are out there on the internet but most are within you.

Consciousness isn’t just about spirituality. It’s who we are. So what if we can get connected to ourselves as much as we are to the internet? It’s no surprise that the most successful entrepreneurs and corporations are now practising yoga, meditation and some kind of mindfulness practices. In fact, this isn’t new age. This is thousands of year old practice that is known to help people find answers to what they’re looking for. So once you focus on on your consciousness in combination with outside help, it will help you pave the way for your business to unfold in many ways it’s supposed to be.

3. Sacrifice

This is a very common limiting belief that in order to get something, we have to sacrifice something else in our life. Here I’m not misleading you with the term ‘You can have it all’, however, it’s more about a perspective that can change everything. Building a business is really about a daily spiritual, emotional and financial learning where you can really learn and grow. So here I want you to look at a few things.

What were you taught about building a business growing up? Have you grown up around people who sacrifice many aspects of their lives in order to build their businesses?

Another thing is related to what we said earlier about where your focus goes, your energy flows. So why are you building your business? Are you doing it to prove it to someone that you can do it?

Rather than coming from a place of lack and negativity, what if you could come from a place of passion, love and excitement? What if you're building a business that you’re so passionate, that you no longer need to do the things you normally do, to fill up your time because you’re having fun, being intellectually challenged and so charged up?

This makes the process of building a business more fun, enjoying and rewarding. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I was very stressed out about work. The question is, are you building your dream or are you building a prison? It can be exhilarating when you do what you love. 

4. Your reason

Someone once told me that we need to have enough reasons to build our business and to go on. What are you getting into business for?

This is your why. This is your mission. 

Are you doing it so you can get approval? I was speaking to a very dear friend of mine who is in multi-million dollar business and he’s been having many challenges. When we drilled down the reason why he’s in business, he realised that it was to get approval from his father. Growing up in the entrepreneur family and with his father setting the bar so high, he felt he needed to constantly prove his dad that he’s cut out for the family too. 

All these old programmings that shaped our lives no longer serve us and it’s time we remember our purpose. What’s your life about? What gives you true joy and meaning? 

Years ago, I used to worry so much about what brand I wore and what bag I should buy next simply because of my ego. I used to resonate so much with people who brand themselves based on what they wear, own and dine. Now I’ve given away almost all my clothes and bags. I only have a few left and I’ve never been freer. I now speak authentically and honestly. In fact, I’ve started meeting people and clients who I really resonate with and vice versa.

So can you feel your mission in every cell of your body? Are you proud of what you do? Are you confident when you tell people what your mission is? 

5. Sharing is caring

We’re all in this together. Many people hold onto what they know and so scared of sharing. There’s this line going around that says “fake it till you make it”. I see so many startup entrepreneurs saying how they’re making $50,000 a month. If it’s true, I’m truly happy for them. If it’s not, although they’re faking till they make it and hoping that they’ll get clients by pretending, the person they’re lying to and impacting the most is themselves. What they don’t know is it’s eating away their confidence, authenticity and honesty.

I believe in sharing secrets.

I have regular meetups and conversations with my entrepreneur friends and we openly discuss about what we’re struggling with and what’s working well. And if they use one of my strategies? Why not! Go for it, it’s the most rewarding feeling ever!

6. Lone Wolves

We’re all going out there faking till we make it and hoping that we’ll out figure it out ourselves. However, the moment I hired my mentors and especially started surrounding myself with my mastermind partners, it’s like this cloud of creativity and genius floating above us whenever we’re together.

Ideas just pop out of nowhere. The answers we’ve been looking for on our own were just right there in front of us. It’s amazing how our collective energy can really create those amazing things. 

“You are the average of the five people around you” - Jim Rohn

Who are you spending time with most of the time? Who do you have that you can bounce ideas off each other? 

7. What’s stopping you from stepping in your power and owning it?

If you were to imagine what it'd be like when you’re fully in power, what do you feel?

What do you think would happen if you do that? Criticism? Failure? Ask yourself that question honestly and you’ll find what’s stopping you. Work on yourself before you work on your business. I’ve said many times that business is 80/20 rule meaning it’s 80% mindset and 20% mechanics. I used to go crazy about sales funnels and the best systems on the market so I can implement all of that. Now I have a very simple process but my income has increased more than 10 times what I used to earn. 

With 2015 ending, it's a good time to reflect what we've learned and implemented as well as where we've failed and what's the biggest learning we got out of it. As you know, I work one-on-one and deliver workshops both for Business coaching and Transformational coaching.

If you're curious about how you can make significant progress in your life and business, check out Be Charged.Life here.

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