How To Stop Procrastination

You know you should doing something but you just keep making excuses and you make more excuses to justify yourself. It just can’t get any crappier than this.

So what do we procrastinate about?

Well you could be procrastinating about a million things but that’s not important. What’s important is why you’re procrastinating. As human beings, we avoid pain and we seek pleasure.

So generally, we procrastinate because whatever it is that you’re procrastinating about, you’re thinking of the ‘process’ as a painful process. So it’s easier for you to be scrolling Facebook newsfeed than to actually go out and getting sh*t done whether writing sales copies, making calls or applying for keynote speaking.

1. COST of procrastination

The trick here is to think about the cost of procrastination. Think about the cost of not taking action. What motivates you the most in life – money, health or relationship?

So now think about how much money is the procrastination costing you in your business? Is it costing you your health? Is it costing you your relationship?

This is where magic happens.

Now that you’re thinking of the pain (the cost of procrastination) which is BIGGER than the seemingly painful process of taking action, the only way for you to escape the pain is to actually get things done.

2. Date in calendar

Don’t underestimate this little trick.

If you’re a serial procrastinator, you’re one of those who don’t want to put a date in the calendar because it pressures you to get it done. Normally, when I speak to procrastinating gurus, they’d normally say ‘next week’ rather than a specific date.

So go ahead and put a date in the calendar.

Then go PUBLIC. Tell everyone that you’re going to get it done on that date. Are you creating a course? A program? Great – announce it on your business Facebook page. Now you don’t have a choice but to get sh*t done!

3. Visualise

Did you know that the thoughts that we have or the imaginations that we have, we actually visualise things in our head? It’s so automatic that we might not even know but it goes frame by frame.

So for me I’d been procrastinating about working out for a longgg time. Because all I see wass myself having to change, do all those strenuous workouts and getting sore all over. But I’ve trained myself to visualise the otherwise – getting healthy, having more energy and fitting into that dress I still couldn’t fit.

So now instead, think about the OUTCOME you’re going to get after.

Is it about writing your sales copy? Think about the feeling you’re going to get after you’re done. What if someone bought your program just because you sat down and got it done? So that means when you actually get things done, you’re not only going to be really pleased with yourself, you’re also going to make money.

So now go ahead and practice these 3 steps. Think about what kind a difference it’d make to your life and business.

To your productive days xx