5 Lessons That Can Make or Break Your Business

5 Lessons That Can Make or Break Your Business

If you read Tim Ferris’ 4-hour Work Week, you’ve heard about The New Rich.

This would’ve been a completely weird concept for me if I heard about this 5 years ago.

But now? It’s the life I’m designing now. What am I talking about?

You see, when I was in the corporate 9-5 that was the world I knew. I worked hard to climb my way up. I did make lots of friendships, great connections and gained a lot of experience. However, my heart knew that there was something else that I wanted to do.

Something that I find meaningful in my life where I can truly make a positive impact in the world doing what makes my heart sing. At the same time, there was this fear; fear of unknown, fear of leaving the security and fear of what would others think of me. Of course until I decided to jump not knowing what was out there.

I asked myself what’s the worst that could happen – pretty bad actually – I could lose my house because I couldn’t pay mortgage, I could lose my husband because he wasn’t on the same page and I could literally end up living in my car with my dog.

Even then was I ready? Hell yes!

Lesson #1 – whatever you decide, if the answer isn’t a “HELL YES”, it’s a NO.

Then I asked myself, why was I willing to take that leap of faith? What made want me to leave my ‘comfort zone’ and search for something that had no guarantee? What made me think I could do it? 

Although the future was fuzzy, in my head it was clear. I was meant for more. Not more materialistic things. More happiness, a sense of fulfilment, purpose and a reason for my existence.

I didn’t want to be just another person taking space on earth. I wanted to be useful. I wanted to have purpose. I wanted to stop helping corporate giants get richer while they destroy the society and the mother earth. I wanted to get myself out of that environment and start surrounding myself with people who share similar passion, visions and values. I wanted to stop making someone else’s dreams come true. And I knew it was time for me to make my own dreams come true.

I knew there’s purpose, new experiences, excitement and adventures of life outside of my comfort zone. I knew we live only once but if we do it right, once is enough. I knew I’ve got what it takes.

Lesson #2 – you find purpose once you go out of the way, out of your comfort zone. The day you find your purpose is the day you find meaning in all things you do.

So then I started getting more clarity on what I want in life.

When I say ‘I want to be successful’ I knew exactly what it means; making 6-figure income in my first year of business and giving it back, changing or saving people’s lives, living with a sense of purpose and passion, waking up everyday with a sense of excitement, living life on my own terms, buying a house by the beach and knowing exactly how much it costs, saving as many animals as I could, having time for myself everyday to meditate and connect with myself, traveling to my favourite places and knowing exactly how much it will cost.

A lot of people say they want to be rich but they don’t know what being rich to them means. They say they want to make money but they don’t know how much they want to make. They say they want to buy a house but they don’t know how much it cost. They say they want to have clients but they have no clarity on what kind of clients they want to work with – so they end up with nightmare clients.

You see when you don’t have clarity; you’re confused with your goals. When your goals aren’t clear, they’re only a wish because you don’t have definite steps to take.

Lesson #3 – For you to achieve what you want in life, you need to be crystal clear with what you want. For the Universe, your Subconscious or God to give you what you want, you need to know exactly what to ask for.

When I asked for things, I also started paying attention to the language I use. I used to say things like “IF I become successful…”.

That little word ‘if’ is such a big indicator of our confidence. If we don’t believe in ourselves wholeheartedly, we’re already losing half the battle.

So I started saying “When I become successful…” and I realise that it’s not a matter of if, it’s only a matter of when. They say that we’re advertising our ignorance and lack of confidence with the choices of words we use. Of course these words come out subconsciously.

That’s why we need to pay conscious attention first and deliberately change the words we use.

Lesson #4 – The language we use as a massive impact on our thoughts, emotions and eventually the outcomes we create. It’s not I can’t, it’s a matter of ‘I can’t YET’.

Then I was well on my way of designing the life I want, taking control of what I choose to focus in life at the same time trusting myself and the process while not being too attached to the outcomes.

I started making progress and then I found myself sabotaging all of it again especially money. Every time I made money, I made sure I spent it all. I didn’t know what was going on until I realised I needed to work on myself.

You see one thing that we humans are afraid of is getting everything we want and losing everything we have.

Aren’t we complicated creatures?

I had my own ceilings in life.

Although I jumped from the previous comfort zone, I created my new comfort zone and that became my own ceiling. Every time I went past that ceiling, my subconscious got freaked out and it made sure I was safe again by getting rid of all the money I made to put me back to my comfort zone.

Like the ceiling, we also have the lowest level that we’re comfortable with. So for example, as long as I was making $500 a month, I felt safe so if I don’t have that self-awareness, I could potentially allow myself to go as low as $500 and stay safe there while making excuses such as the economy isn’t good, marketing is hard, etc. to justify it. I’d freak out if I don’t make any money or make lower than $500.

That’s what happens to a lot of people. I’ve seen people winning a million dollar lottery, only to lose it all within a short time. We’re not only scared of being broke, we’re also scared of being rich.

Lesson #5 – Self-awareness is #1 thing that can make or break in life.

If you find yourself getting comfortable, you’ve created your comfort zone. Do 1 thing everyday that makes you uncomfortable. It’ll expand your awareness, which will give you a rich and meaningful life.


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